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  • Helps you see the love and connection in your life so you can have breaking-through-the-sky moments.
  • Shows you how to get your energy in alignment so you can mirror more effective energy into your projects, relationships and business.
  • Helps you believe in your purpose so it can become a passion that brings you into your dream life.
  • Knock out your old negative beliefs in a powerful, fun, and effective way.

VIP Day with Terri Marie


“Terri Marie and her message give you the power to fulfill your dreams… plugs you into the source of magic and miracles.”

~ Joe Vitale, The Secret

Joe Vitale



4th of July always meant mid-summer to me when I was growing up. And here it is yet again. If we look at the message of Freedom, of independence, we have a powerful model in a holiday for our own lives. Here are 4 things I think about Freedom. Refuse to tolerate intolerable control Be willing to […]

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Switching Lanes

June 19, 2015

You’ve all seen the speeding car that zigs and zags through traffic and then you end up next to each other at the stop light. All that effort and there you both are side by side. Since I’ve been spending a lot of time on the LA freeways lately, I’ve seen plenty of the ziggers […]

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After a little stalemate (who designed that word… a divorcee?), things seem to be ramping up again. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting YouTube Stage LA with an invitation to a filmmaker party, featuring a fabulous Symphony Orchestra and the whole shebang. But the important part of the evening for me was the […]

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