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  • Helps you see the love and connection in your life so you can have breaking-through-the-sky moments.
  • Shows you how to get your energy in alignment so you can mirror more effective energy into your projects, relationships and business.
  • Helps you believe in your purpose so it can become a passion that brings you into your dream life.
  • Knock out your old negative beliefs in a powerful, fun, and effective way.

VIP Day with Terri Marie


“Terri Marie and her message give you the power to fulfill your dreams… plugs you into the source of magic and miracles.”

~ Joe Vitale, The Secret

Joe Vitale



Walking into Destiny

February 13, 2015

Sometimes life flows. Sometimes it crashes. When the crashing and the blasting and sledgehammers of life come your way, what can you do? I’ve been blessed by some amazing times of flow lately. Where grace enfolds me like a warm blanket. Who knows exactly why grace occurs? I do think you can put yourself in […]

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What Happened to Class?

January 30, 2015

I grew up in the 1960’s, a time of great change, switching from the stagnancy of the “perfect” life of the 50’s, and the world turmoil of the 40’s, to the different parts of the world trying to blend together in the turbulent and exciting 60’s. But it was also a time of class. Stewardesses […]

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Building Kai, the volcanic Snowman. This is Kai, the Hawaiian snowman that we made on a hillside in Tahoe. The snow wouldn’t stick. It had to be dumped. Bring on the sled dump truck! Add a pine needle headdress and few mittens, pine cones and voila — KAI! The reason Kai, the snowman is so […]

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