Elevate Your Creative Potential

Put new ideas, images and feelings into your life so your life can be beautiful.

  • Helps you see the love and connection in your life so you can have breaking-through-the-sky moments.
  • Shows you how to get your energy in alignment so you can mirror more effective energy into your projects, relationships and business.
  • Helps you believe in your purpose so it can become a passion that brings you into your dream life.
  • Knock out your old negative beliefs in a powerful, fun, and effective way.

VIP Day with Terri Marie


“Terri Marie and her message give you the power to fulfill your dreams… plugs you into the source of magic and miracles.”

~ Joe Vitale, The Secret

Joe Vitale



1. What if I could totally believe you? “You do believe. Underneath everything that covers up your faith and trust, you really do believe that I am here for you. You can believe even more when you use the vast amounts of faith you came here with. You are my descendant after all.” — God […]

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            “Monday’s Child” is an old nursery rhyme taught to children. The popular nursery rhyme was written in 1838 and taught children not only the days of the week but also their fate and Fortune. Leaving almost half of all children born (those on Wednesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays) with a less […]

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The Feature Article this week is based on old programming and how even the most seemingly innocent things can affect us on profound ways. I was talking with a good friend of mine about how boldly our old “programs” are presenting themselves for transformation right now, if we are aware of them. The veil is […]

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