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  • Helps you see the love and connection in your life so you can have breaking-through-the-sky moments.
  • Shows you how to get your energy in alignment so you can mirror more effective energy into your projects, relationships and business.
  • Helps you believe in your purpose so it can become a passion that brings you into your dream life.
  • Knock out your old negative beliefs in a powerful, fun, and effective way.

VIP Day with Terri Marie


“Terri Marie and her message give you the power to fulfill your dreams… plugs you into the source of magic and miracles.”

~ Joe Vitale, The Secret

Joe Vitale



Use What You Have. While I stayed on the pueblo with a native family (who spoke no English by the way) I spent time watching the gentle playing of the children there. A little girl about five years old had a balloon. She was tapping it softly with her brother. Suddenly it broke. What happens […]

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Save Some Seeds for Replanting The Pueblo natives have learned a basic life lesson: put aside a bit of what life gives you so you can continue to create new life. They save some seeds from every harvest so they can continue the cycle of life. In what way can you “save seeds?” The obvious […]

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To Serve Or Not To Serve

February 28, 2015

An absolutely fantastic way to create even more abundance is to serve people. Now serving people doesn’t always sound fun. Maybe serving even sounds like a chore. Perhaps you had to “serve” a little too much in your family or on your job. The word “serve” has left you with some bad feelings. Let’s change […]

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