168 Hours

by Terri Marie on February 22, 2014

All of us on this planet have this in common: we are given each week 168 hours to use however we wish.
The subconscious is the most claylike part of ourselves. It is the most susceptible to molding and remolding. However, once fired with the power of our emotions, the form is set. The subconscious holds that shape, possibly forever, if nothing stronger goes into the subconscious to challenge it.

Most of the time things get into our subconscious without our conscious mind having much to do with it. The conscious mind is kind of like an ineffective moat for the subconscious castle. The conscious mind can gripe all it wants about what it doesn’t like but data rides into the subconscious on the wings of emotion and gets into that castle anyway. That’s why things show up in the castle that can sometimes horrify us.

We cannot change that subconscious form consciously, Bummer. Otherwise most of us would have done it through willpower alone. What we can do is re-fire, melt and then re-form ourselves to make changes in our subconscious. It is not a question of data but a question of how the data gets through. If we are successful in reloading our consciousness with our choice of data we become new forms. New selves.

In the 168 hours you are given each week,you are given a choice.

1. Stay the same
It’s rare that we do stay exactly the same. Events occur that either make us move toward our goals or away from them. If you do nothing positive, your life will be even worse off than before because life itself is moving forward and growing. So you really have to do at least something positive to keep from being worse off.

2. Design our life by choosing what we feel
We can feel good in our lives (this is a choice). Just feeling good gives us a very good chance at becoming better selves.

You have 168 hours this week. This week try to be aware of the times you are feeding your mind negative food in the guise of emotion. Anytime you feel an emotion other that peace, joy or excitement of some kind, it’s usually going right into the negative bin. Here’s a tip to get out.

Better Life Assignment:
If you spend just one hour a week on effective change, imagine what kind of progress would you have in your life? What if you spend 2 hours a week? That’s only 2/168 of the time you get, Use those hours well. If you use some of those precious hours to change what is in your subconscious, a remarkable thing will happen in your life. You’ll start designing the life you want to participate in. This week be aware of your emotions and when and where you go into the negative side. Just be aware that’s all. That’s the critical first step. Next time, I will give you some tips on revamping your subconscious with a special technique that works wonders for me. Until then – Be Epic!

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