168 Hrs (Part II) How to Revamp Your Subconscious

by Terri Marie on March 8, 2014

Years ago I met the amazing Jean Houston when I was writing my first book.
I remember Jean saying how she hated to write books. I was shocked. Here was a woman with incredible books, articles, and cutting edge information under her belt, but she didn’t like to write about it.

In the midst of a dance and movement exercise she had our small group do, Jean looked right at me and said, “This is how you will write your book,” then kept right on moving along. That was even more shocking! She gave me a profound divine little message for how to complete my book, which I had been struggling with.

After the exercise I was able to talk with Jean about my book and she gave me some “logical” information tips too. But it was the subconscious way that Jean approached breaking through to a new level of being and doing that got my book completed. The first “one” of anything is the hardest. It’s where the learning curve is highest. Approaching it from a completely different angle – through the subconsious, not the mind, is what shifted it for me.

Here is that process I promised you last time. It works wonders for me.

Better Life Assignment:
The Subconscious Shift

1. Identify a problem or challenge that has been holding you back. Write it down if you can. This helps you clarify it.

2. Get into the feeling or challenge of where that problem is settling in your body. Immerse yourself in that feeling (however uncomfortable it may be) for about a minute or so. Feel the exact spot of where you are holding that tension in your body. This step is so important because if we didn’t feel discomfort, we wouldn’t be having this challenge. Again this step is critical because you are offering acceptance to your resistance. Acknowleging your actual feelings is what opens the door to the subconsious. Once in… things shift.

3. Put on one of your favorite pieces of music. Dance, move, or sway to the music holding the outcome you want in your heart. You are now blending into your subconsious, the elevated outcome you desire. This is the free for all time. Do what moves you. Just you, your desire and the music. Notice how good you feel! You should be smiling. You have just danced your dream into your very soul.

Rinse and repeat daily or weekly.

Until next time, Be Epic!

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