3 Feel Good Recipes

by Terri Marie on November 7, 2014

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We’re fast approaching the harvest holidays with all the amazing comfort food that goes along with it to stuff our bodies. The recipes I’m going to give you today aren’t for your stomach but for your spirit. I realized after injuring my back that feeling good is not only something that we crave to feel but something our souls need daily.

I had been keeping a Happiness Journal in Sedona; recording my feelings every day to see how happy I was. Most of the time I was pretty darn happy having worked out a great balance between life, work, play.

But then an injury happened and pain took over my life. Even in the midst of some pretty extreme pain (I’m getting better) I asked myself “Am I happy?” and found that my answer was “Yes I am happy and I am in pain. I wish the pain was gone but I’m still happy.” It was a profound moment.

Feeling good is what not only obviously makes us feel better but it helps bring more good things into our lives. The better we feel, the better it gets. So the key is to Feel Good as often as we can so that we can feel even better. This choice will help make our lives immensely richer in so many ways. We become like magnets attracting even more feel good elements around us.

So here is a starting Feel Good Recipe list so you, my friend, can feel the higher vibrations, create the life you want and uplift all those you come in contact with.

  1. Remove All Traces of Complaints.

    Make sure your bowl is clean by taking all complaining out of your day. It can be pretty hard to get it all but at least be more aware of the “dirt” in your bowl of life; dirt that is comprised of complaints. I could have worded this a different way by saying “Fill Your Life with Positive Messages and Thoughts and People” but I think it’s greatly powerful to actually stop putting bad things in your life or sending out negative messages from your heart, thoughts and mouth. When complaining is gone, people will treat you better, you’ll get more done and you will, ta da, feel better.

  2. Add A Huge Dose of Gratitude.

    Whenever I experience someone full of love, there is an aura of gratitude hanging right on their heart. Every time a little piece of it is given away, love grows another bigger piece for next time. These kinds of people are Feel Good Magnets. Gratitude makes you happy. I’ve done the “Appreciate 5 things you’re grateful for at the end of the day” routine for decades. Now I’ve found that appreciating something every moment I can is a most powerful way to bring good feelings into your awareness.

  3. Decrease Your To-Do List by Half.

    What you say! How can I possibly do this? Trust. It has an enormous impact. You’ll be surprised at how this List Cleaning technique will make you actually accomplish more not less and you will feel much better about what you do have to do. The way to do this is of course to prioritize.

    • What is in alignment with your big goal? Put it first.

    • What has to be done this very day or else – i.e. dentist, meetings etc.?

    • What are your shorter term goals that will bring something good into your life?

    • Take out the “shoulds” and the timewasters (checking email frequently). Non-urgent and non-necessary items go. Cross them off. They will distract you from the bigger things.

    • Throw your mind ahead to the impact you will have once your long term goal is accomplished. This provides you with the fuel to move forward toward that goal. That focused fuel is very powerful.

    Decreasing your to-do list will make whatever recipe you are creating much more tasty and you won’t have to lie in bed recovering from stuffing yourself from your daily life servings.

I could do a list of 50 more ways to feel good that are instant mood changers. When my daughter was in high school I remember her calling me from school one day very upset. Life was just not fun for her at that teenagy moment. Little did she know that I had finally bought her the car that would help solve some of those problems that were eating up her day. When I picked her up from school and drove up our street, the new car she wanted was parked in our driveway. I watched her go from sad and overwhelmed to instant blissfully happy. It was wonderful to see this shift. It got her to see how we can choose our emotions. Yes the car helped a lot but she saw that a moment could change her feelings and that she could learn to do that herself, without the car.

As I work on bringing more good feelings into my life and as it gets better and more on track with life long goals, I wish for you my dear one, a lifetime of good feelings and the wisdom and willpower to find those good feelings even when they appear lost. Good feelings are always located somewhere in your heart.

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