3 Keys To Getting Successful Interviews For Your Videos

by Terri Marie on September 27, 2013

Here’s how to Find the Best People to Interview for Your Video Projects so Your Videos will be More Viral, Have Greater Credibility, and Make More Sales.

A wonderful way to get the information you need to sparkle up your videos is through interviews. A well-crafted interview can add greater Interest, credibility (if you use an expert or celebrity) and relevancy to your video.

Who you decide to interview will be extremely important for the look and feel of your video. Today we will focus on three easy steps to choosing whom to interview.

Sometimes you will have a chance before your video to decide who this person will be. Other times, you will be at an event or location and have to make snap decisions about which person/persons in a crowd will be the best one to approach and put a microphone in front of them.

So how do you make this critical decision? It may differ based on which type of video you are making but here are some key factors.

Find someone who is:

• Knowledgeable
Will they understand the questions you want to ask them? Do they know you or your product well? Are they an expert and you need their advice in your video?

• Credible and Relevant
Experts are also instantly credible as long as they are relevant to you or your topic. Will people viewing your video be impressed by the person’s credentials related to your product? Celebrities are instantly credible. See if you can find one in your field to interview.

• Charismatic
Are they outgoing, friendly and a great communicator? A person who acts very timid on camera will usually not be a good person to interview unless your product is an instant confidence builder and you can show before and after video. People who are uncomfortable on camera make the viewer feel uncomfortable too, and your goal is to get your viewers so intrigued by what your interviewees are saying that they pass along your video, call you or buy your product.

Choose a great interviewee and you will have put someone in front of your viewers that will connect with them. They will be intrigued, entertained or convinced to want more of you or what you have to offer.

People say fascinating things. No one talks about the same topic, product, event or person in the same way. That’s why I love to interview people and you will too, especially when your videos become much more effective.

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