3 Keys to Your Life Purpose

by Terri Marie on July 4, 2014

Laguna Night

Every minute…

  • Someone is succeeding big.

  • Someone is living their life purpose.

  • Someone rises to reach for their destiny and pulls another star from the sky into our world.

Why not you?

Do you feel you still after all this time that you haven’t figured out your life purpose? Do you feel the train of life has left and you are not on it, or at least not going to where you know you want to be? Or are you in the coach section and you want to be in First Class?

When you live life from your life purpose you have a reason to get up in the morning. Your life purpose is like a map that guides you and directs you, although you can still determine and choose how you get there.

So what are some keys to figuring out your life purpose?

Here are three key questions to ask yourself that should bring more clarity to what your life purpose is.

  1. What did you like most to do as a child?

    List everything you can think of. One thing will most likely bring a smile to your face and pop out a little more than the others. That’s a big hint to your life purpose.

  2. What do people come to you for help with?

    Do they ask you for help because you are great at some task and love to help? Do you enjoy it?

  3. If you could not fail, what would you do?

    Race in Nascar? Start a hospital? Travel the world? Everyone of your most extravagant dreams is a key to your purpose. Some dreams are “wouldn’t it be nice dreams.” Other dreams are “OMG this is part of my very soul!”

I was taking a bath in a friends tub overlooking the blue pacific after a long stretch of some very challenging “Life Stuff.” At the ocean I finally felt like I was landing a little bit after so much pressure. I looked over at the purple towel I had brought along. Although I’d never noticed it before, the tag said TerriSOL. Wow! I was getting my soul back.

Your purpose is wrapped around your soul. Your soul knows the answer to who you are, what you love, and what you’d really like to do. “Life stuff” often covers this up. Get back in touch with the things you love and watch your soul open up its gifts. Things everywhere will tell you you’re on the path.

Even books and movies have a purpose. The clearer that purpose is, the more it connects with the reader or viewer because they can see themselves in the book or film. When you connect with your life purpose, others will see your full life blooming and believe me, it will help awaken something in them as well. The whole world shines brighter when you step into your life purpose with grace and clarity.

And remember this, life purpose can be something as simple (but huge) as bringing joy to everything you do or being love.

It’s time to stand out and declare yourself as a partner with life. You came to live your best life. You do that be being on purpose. It’s a fabulous feeling when you know life is aligning you with your destiny.

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“Over the past 20 years you have performed miracles for me. I am truly grateful and appreciative of your media genius.”

Eldon Taylor

—Eldon Taylor, NY Times Best-selling Author of Choices and Illusions and Mind Programming

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