3 Simple Tricks Entrepreneurs Use to Increase Productivity

by Terri Marie on September 8, 2012

Life sure seems to be getting busier doesn’t it? Plates get fuller and fuller. Pretty soon we lose our appetite for all things work related. As a business owner, we start with our plates full. The challenge is to get those plates served to our customers and clients with ease, grace and efficiency. That takes some magic! For me I have learned ways to trick myself into getting the ball rolling. An entrepreneur can’t afford to procrastinate. Your time is just too valuable. So roll up your sleeves, There are a few tricks in store.

 Here’s the first trick I use to get more work done

1. Pretend that you have to do it right away. 

Make believe that you must get the project  done the best you can because someone needs it right away. Then just make the best decisions you can at that moment and forget about it.

The project on this first draft usually gets pretty close to great. Then you can come back and tailor it later. That way you have something presentable instead of waiting for the project to be perfect – which it never will be anyway.

When I  do this and go back to it later to polish it, I am usually surprised that the project has some bones and structure now. It”s much easier to perfect something that’s started than starting it in the first place.

 2. Set a Time Limit.

Set a time of 15 minutes or one hour, but set a time and stick to it. That ways you know there is an end in sight. Even if you can’t think of much to do the first few minutes, just sitting there putting in the time will get you moving. Before you know it you’ll think of something. That first something will lead you to the next step and the next. You’ll get a great start and maybe even finish your project!

I did this little gem when I needed to edit a huge project.  Because it was such a big project, I procrastinated profusely. But just knowing I only had to put in an hour, gave me the courage to sit down and begin at least looking at it. Then an idea came. Then another. When the hour was up I didn’t want to quit – because I had what I needed – ideas!

 3. Take a break

Get out. Get away from it. Go have a gelato. Get a cup of tea or coffee but get it off your mind. When you get the project off your mind, it’s also off your shoulders for awhile. Go ahead. I’m giving you permission.  When you come back to your project, use trick 1 or 2 to get it moving. HINT: No you can’t use  Tip 3 exclusively. It’s only for when 1 and 2 fail. You have a business. You have a dream. You will need to put in the time. So taking a break works as a last resort.  Your business should be providing you as much pleasure as it does those you serve. Find ways to enjoy it. When you get the stagnant energy moving from a project that is begging for your attention, you feel better and your project gets LIFE. This gives your business an injection of creative fuel to propel you to your success!

I get much more accomplished using these 3  procrastination busters.

May these Productivity Tricks serve you well!

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