Abundance Tip: How To Get Rid of Envy

by Terri Marie on April 23, 2012

Is there any envy hidden in your money closet?
Are there place where you just feel someone else doesn’t deserve  the prosperity you see them enjoying? Do you feel smarter than many of the people you know who are wealthy? Do you feel you are a very good person who works to help make the world  better, yet other people seem to receive more abundance than you? If any of the above statements ring true, it’s time for you to wake up financially.

You see, there is actually a very short answer to all of the above statements. What is it?
This simple truth: Your abundance has absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone else.

It is between you and your Creator alone.
No one but you can put prosperity thoughts in your mind.
No one but you can put poverty thoughts in your mind.
No one but you can take those thoughts out.

Other people who have created abundance in their life are to be commended, not envied, despised or ridiculed – unless you choose to stay away from True Abundance.

I’m assuming that’s not why YOU’RE here.
You’re here because you want to live a full, rich, prosperous life.
You’re here because you want to experience the grandest adventure you can while on this blue abundant planet.
You want to make the world a better and wealthier place for everyone.
You are here because you are part of the answer.
You are one of the ones destined for True Abundance.
Because you came here with the intent to be of grand service.

Beneath any envy of someone else’s wealth lies one of several reasons:

Self-Worth issues:
You feel “I’m not as good (smart, talented, you name it) as they are”
Answer. YES YOU ARE!

Self-Respect Issues:
You think others must be lucky or destined for success.
Answer. Yes, they are. But…so are you.

Self-Empowerment Issues:
You don’t know what to do to create Abundance so you are jealous of what others have.
Answer. You have Abundant power within. Every bit as much as the wealthiest person in the world.

When you can look at the Abundance of others and realize, they created it, and you can too… an amazing calmness comes over you.  There can be no jealousy when you feel equally as worthy of wealth as anyone else. There is no longer any competition.  You realize that creating wealth is not a competitive event. It is a choice. And with your own choice, come a deep contentment. Now when you see the abundance of others, there will be a knowing smile on your face. The pain of envy will be removed by the joy of knowing the truth about prosperity.

Your Abundance Affirmation:
“I am content with the abundance of others.”

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