by Terri Marie on August 15, 2014


The jars before the house.

You may wonder why I have a photo of two jars on a shelf. Those two jars represent the power of anticipation.

Years ago, before I built my house in the Sedona area, I bought those two pots. The minute I saw them I loved them. The pots called to me and I had a powerful thought, “These would be perfect for the kind of home I’d like to have.”

Even though I didn’t have the home yet and didn’t even know what state that home would be in, the pots represented the anticipation of what I could create. At the time this home seemed so unknown, “Where would I find a home?” Where would I build a home?” What style would I have?” The questions seemed endless. But my taking a stance out of faith and from what I loved, started the world in motion to get that home created.

In our lives there are always things we want. Maybe it’s a new car. Maybe it’s a new relationship or a new career or a new home or baby, but there is something in life that is pulling us along to create more so we can experience more of who we are. It’s life in motion, a beautiful dance if we go along with it and try as best we can to do the steps as it is pulling us and throwing us and sometimes even dipping us. Life is going to dance anyway and it’s much more “difficult” when we resist the dance.

I’ve found ways to enjoy the process (for the most part). Here they are.

3 Keys to anticipating the good that life has for you.

  1. Use Heart Attention
    Notice where your heart is pulled. Where does your heart jump when you shop, when you are in conversations, or when you are relaxed? You will get universal “hints” about what you love and what the next steps might be to bring that manifestation into your life. God gives us little (and sometimes very big) signs to indicate our personal life path or direction. These signs are there for each of us — all the time. Bring your heart awareness up so you notice them.
    When your heart sings, listen.

  2. Follow the Signs
    When you get an urge to do something, buy something or go somewhere based on some goal or dream you have — take that step no matter how weird it may seem. I bought those pots without having a home to put them in at that time. Pretty strange, based on the facts at the time. I certainly didn’t know that home would be in Sedona — where the jars go amazingly well. I certainly didn’t have anything for that home in motion at all, except the anticipation and trust that somewhere there must be the right place for me.

  3. Revel in the Unfolding
    Remind yourself during the waiting period, the “Manifestation Zone” that the moment of Grace that set this force in motion has already occurred. So the physical result WILL show up. Your action in Step 2 has proved this. You have done your part. Now it is God’s turn to do God’s part. This is the time of not just faith but ANTICIPATION.

Make the “waiting” times in your life, delicious times of anticipation. Knowing that the universe is delivering to you the perfect unfolding of your dream. When you know how to enjoy the process and delight in anticipation, even the waiting, the journey is an exciting thing.

Be excited. It moves the whole world for you.


The faith by getting those jars led to all this.

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