Time for Goodbye

by Terri Marie on August 14, 2015

Life is all about change and hopefully growth in a beautiful direction. My last few years have been an almost continual stream of directional changes, all to get me onto the path I was destined to walk, albeit by choice. Time to expand……   As life manifests the things I have been asking for, it […]


Going With The Tide

by Terri Marie on July 31, 2015

By this Thursday, we are supposed to have strong high tides in Southern California due to another Hurricane building. The tide cleanses, like the laundry detergent with the same name. The big waves clean the beach, yet if they get too strong, they also cause damage and strip away the sand. The sand is still […]


Disconnecting for the Summer by Kelley Kosow

by Terri Marie on July 17, 2015

* Published with permission from TheFordInstitute.com. This past month in one of the programs I have been leading, we have been looking at how we disconnect, check out, or in certain situations “do it our way” instead of in the manner we agreed upon with another person or organization. Every person in the class was […]


4 Things I Think About Freedom

July 3, 2015

4th of July always meant mid-summer to me when I was growing up. And here it is yet again. If we look at the message of Freedom, of independence, we have a powerful model in a holiday for our own lives. Here are 4 things I think about Freedom. Refuse to tolerate intolerable control Be willing to […]

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Switching Lanes

June 19, 2015

You’ve all seen the speeding car that zigs and zags through traffic and then you end up next to each other at the stop light. All that effort and there you both are side by side. Since I’ve been spending a lot of time on the LA freeways lately, I’ve seen plenty of the ziggers […]

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The Million Dollar Friend

June 5, 2015

After a little stalemate (who designed that word… a divorcee?), things seem to be ramping up again. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting YouTube Stage LA with an invitation to a filmmaker party, featuring a fabulous Symphony Orchestra and the whole shebang. But the important part of the evening for me was the […]

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Change With Benefits

May 22, 2015

In my book, Your Inner Cheerleader, I quoted Todd Cannedy (I’m paraphrasing here since I’m not going to be able to look up the quote while traveling) “People don’t dislike change. What they dislike is change without benefit.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Todd hit the nail on the head. We love change. […]

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Maya, The Magic Power of Illusion

May 8, 2015

Maya, in addition to being the people known for the Mayan Calendar, Maya, is from a Hindu word meaning the power to produce illusions. Which is a form of magic. It’s a power we as Human/Divine cultivate continually from the time we are just babes. A baby born in China, will not only learn Chinese, […]

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The Right Arms

April 24, 2015

This week’s feature article is one I ran across when I was looking for something else. I realized I had never published it, even though I wrote it right after the tragedy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Still hard to believe this after three years. Yet I feel this message is as relevant […]

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April 11, 2015

There are two sides to halftime. One is the side of the cheerleaders – the other is the side of the players. I’m going to give you both angles, because sometimes you will need to be the one encouraging and entertaining others and sometimes you will be in need of that motivation and/or relaxation. So […]

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