The Lessons of the Pueblo Indians Part II

March 27, 2015

Use What You Have. While I stayed on the pueblo with a native family (who spoke no English by the way) I spent time watching the gentle playing of the children there. A little girl about five years old had a balloon. She was tapping it softly with her brother. Suddenly it broke. What happens […]

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The Lessons of the Pueblo Indians

March 13, 2015

Save Some Seeds for Replanting The Pueblo natives have learned a basic life lesson: put aside a bit of what life gives you so you can continue to create new life. They save some seeds from every harvest so they can continue the cycle of life. In what way can you “save seeds?” The obvious […]

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To Serve Or Not To Serve

February 28, 2015

An absolutely fantastic way to create even more abundance is to serve people. Now serving people doesn’t always sound fun. Maybe serving even sounds like a chore. Perhaps you had to “serve” a little too much in your family or on your job. The word “serve” has left you with some bad feelings. Let’s change […]

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Walking into Destiny

February 13, 2015

Sometimes life flows. Sometimes it crashes. When the crashing and the blasting and sledgehammers of life come your way, what can you do? I’ve been blessed by some amazing times of flow lately. Where grace enfolds me like a warm blanket. Who knows exactly why grace occurs? I do think you can put yourself in […]

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What Happened to Class?

January 30, 2015

I grew up in the 1960’s, a time of great change, switching from the stagnancy of the “perfect” life of the 50’s, and the world turmoil of the 40’s, to the different parts of the world trying to blend together in the turbulent and exciting 60’s. But it was also a time of class. Stewardesses […]

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Kai, the Volcanic Snowman

January 16, 2015

Building Kai, the volcanic Snowman. This is Kai, the Hawaiian snowman that we made on a hillside in Tahoe. The snow wouldn’t stick. It had to be dumped. Bring on the sled dump truck! Add a pine needle headdress and few mittens, pine cones and voila — KAI! The reason Kai, the snowman is so […]

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Get Rid of Your Rear View Mirror

January 2, 2015

The only reason to look in your rear view window is if you’re worried that something behind you could hurt you. In life, when we focus on what’s already behind us, we either miss what’s ahead, crash, or we get stuck on something we’ve already passed long ago. It’s time to let that go and […]

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Perfection at Christmas? Impossible!

December 19, 2014

It will kill your dreams It will narrow your life It will eat your time It will cost you a fortune It will dull your relationships It will dry out your heart. What is this monster? PERFECTION. It lurks. It sounds so good. In fact it sounds so “perfect.” But it’s not. Perfection kills life […]

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The Amazing Evolving Human

December 5, 2014

This week I came across something fascinating to me that I wanted to share with you. A new world of color. Evidently there are some women (possible more than we realize) who can see the world in 100 times more colors than the average person. It’s called Tetrachromacy, an enhanced type of color vision where […]

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Tables Make Houses Homes

November 21, 2014

Gangs, extreme violence, children killing children, drugs, disillusionment; these are signs of our troubled youth and our very troubled families. Today I would like to focus on one change I believe will make a huge difference in the future of our families. Once again we need to gather around the family table and reinstate the […]

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