Bold Asking

by Terri Marie on December 17, 2013


Christmas is about giving but also about asking for what we really want.  Today I want to address the question “How to Ask So You Are Clear and Get What You Really Want.

Walking past the tall ship, the “Pilgrim’s Pride’ in the Dana Point harbor, I heard one of the “pirates” give an order to a “mate.” The pirate said, “Charley, get the rope, the sponge and the pail on the deck by the railing. Bring it to me right now.” What are the chances for Charley’s success and for the pirate’s order to be carried out?

Unless Charley was lazy, antagonistic, or somehow handicapped, most likely the pirate will get EXACTLY what he asked for because he was so clear. If he had said instead,  “Could someone please bring me something to clean up this mess?” If he didn’t address a specific person and if he didn’t say it boldly, but was pleading or whining, how many people would rather walk the plank than help him.

So I’ve put together a little Receiving Manual to help you focus on what you do want.

The “WHAT YOU WANT” Manual aka: HOW TO ORDER EFFECTIVELY FROM THE UNIVERSE in 3 Simple Steps. Here are the Three Keys to Asking:


I haven’t heard of anyone yet going into a place like McDonalds and saying,

  • “I don’t want the french fries, I can’t stand them.”
  • “And don’t put any cheese on anything. I’m allergic to that.”
  • “And I can’t stand Chicken McNuggets.”

Okay??? Guess what. You won’t get anything.

Insetad, we place our order, “Ice Tea and a fish sandwich.” Done. We usually get it.

It’s the same with the universal ordering system that God runs. If you “order” all the things you don’t want – you have Zero chance of getting what you DO want.  This is kind of tongue in cheek though because God is definitely not a mail order catalogue. Yet asking the Divine for what we truly want is easy when it is clear and comes from the heart.


Don’t whine.  A 2 yr-old usually doesn’t get a mate, great job, or new house and you won’t either if you don’t ask in a way that is equal to a King or Queen. So when you ask,  come as a princess not a beggar. When you come from a source of power, strength and confidence the things you really want start showing up regularily.


If you don’t like what you have received or what you have around you, choose differently.  Why do you think it has showed up in your life? Receive the gift or lesson. Take responsibilty. Be gracious. Be grateful and move on. There is an infinite supply and you can choose and rechoose. Other people are receieving from the same supply system. Why not you too?

Imagine a beach with tons of sand where you can make whatever you want out of the sand. You can build a sandcastle as big as you want or a moat or even bury yourself in the sand. The point is, you have access to abundance. Like sand, abundance is all around you for you to build whatever you choose. Why not choose what you really love?

Luckily, God is infinitely patient with us as we make our choices.

When you ask God for something be clear. Be specific so God can give you what you want. Then of course, realize that God may give you something in a different form. God may even upgrade you to first class.

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