Change With Benefits

by Terri Marie on May 22, 2015


In my book, Your Inner Cheerleader, I quoted Todd Cannedy (I’m paraphrasing here since I’m not going to be able to look up the quote while traveling)

“People don’t dislike change. What they dislike is change without benefit.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Todd hit the nail on the head. We love change. Women love new clothes. New nail polish. New houses. Men love new cars. New ballgames. New jobs. I’m being very gender biased here and I hope you realize I too, love that new car smell, seeing new places, and even a cool ballpark like the one above.

What single person wishing for a soul mate wouldn’t love the arrival of the beloved? That’s a change worth a million dollars.

So when someone says people hate change, they’re not thinking it all through. If things are going great, we probably don’t want change. But if things are stale, stagnant or just plain horrible, we thrive on change. In fact, change is what pushes us forward to evolve.

I’m going to give you three simple keys to accepting change. Make change your friend and be sure to focus on the benefits.

  1. Write down a list of the things you can no longer put up with in your life.It could be a soul-sucking job or relationship. A daily routine that doesn’t inspire or you know just doesn’t fit you anymore. Keep writing your list until the energy stops or slows. At first it should just pour out. Wait for at least a few minutes before you stop. Just ask if there’s anything else. Sometimes the subtle layers bring the biggest self-realizations for change.
  2. Write down a list of things you could replace each thing on the first list with.

    Make this a dream list – your wish list. Don’t edit. Just write. Yucky job? Replace it with becoming an Academy Award wining actress or whatever floats your boat. DREAM. Don’t edit. Go ahead and choose several things if you wish. Getting your big dreams out onto paper might reveal something to you for your work on Step 3.

  3. Which one thing that you wrote down in Step 2 is the one that shines brightest for you?

    Now we’re going to get practical. Write a few reality steps down that you could take this week toward that goal. If your big dream is to be that actress, can you listen to interviews of actresses and find out how they did it? Can you take an improve class or sign up for a local theater? Maybe it could be as simple and fun as playing pretend dress up with your children and choosing a character to be. Write down a step that you know will be fun to do and be sure to schedule it in. If I schedule something on my calendar, I know it has a 95% chance of getting done. (Life sometimes chops up that other 5% but I don’t worry too much about it.)

As we change seasons shortly from springtime to summertime, the fun time and relaxing time, remember to LOVE change. And be sure to schedule some good change into your life.

Have a great weekend! Be sure to change into an even better you!

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