EVERYDAY’S CHILD: Changing a Childhood Fate

by Terri Marie on March 28, 2014


Everyday's Child






“Monday’s Child” is an old nursery rhyme taught to children. The popular nursery rhyme was written in 1838 and taught children not only the days of the week but also their fate and Fortune.¬†Leaving almost half of all children born (those on Wednesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays) with a less than enlightened fate.

The Old Monday’s Child was originally based on the planets. It’s time to base this rhyme on the light and the infinite potential each child came from. And rewrite a better future for all children no matter what day they happen to be born on.


by Terri Marie 2104

Monday’s Child is raring to go

Tuesday’s Child has a special glow

Wednesday’s Child is better than ever

Thursday’s Child is bright and clever

Friday’s Child is a first class act

Saturday’s Child is gifted, in fact.

Sunday’s Child is a joy to behold

Everyday’s Child should be treated like gold.


Following the rhyme (on the link above) are some interesting statistics on birth.


Your friend,

Terri Marie


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