EVERYDAY’S CHILD: The New “Monday’s Child”

by Terri Marie on March 21, 2014

The Feature Article this week is based on old programming and how even the most seemingly innocent things can affect us on profound ways. I was talking with a good friend of mine about how boldly our old “programs” are presenting themselves for transformation right now, if we are aware of them. The veil is so thin.

When an old feeling came up for me last week, riding along with it was one of the lines from the old nursery rhyme, “Monday’s Child.” If you analyze this well-known rhyme that I was taught as a little child, you will see that 3 out of 7 children are born on days of the week that don’t have great futures. It actually was a specific line in the poem that became a belief I had unconsciously held to be true. But nursery rhymes should be full of potential and not fear, so I decided a new one needed to be written. It is in slideshare form right now but I’ll eventually get it on video. Meanwhile if you were born on one of the less than desirable old days, you now have a new bright future and present to enjoy!

Click here to play.

If you know someone else who may have fallen “unaware victim” to the fates of an outworn Mother Goose rhyme, pass it along and let them start shining.

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