Get Rid of Your Rear View Mirror

by Terri Marie on January 2, 2015

The only reason to look in your rear view window is if you’re worried that something behind you could hurt you. In life, when we focus on what’s already behind us, we either miss what’s ahead, crash, or we get stuck on something we’ve already passed long ago. It’s time to let that go and focus on where the great road of life will take you this year.

The rear view mirror looks backwards which is quite dangerous if you focus continually on it. A slight glance here or there isn’t going to hurt you, as long as you immediately let go and refocus on where you’re going. Where people get in trouble in their lives is when they glance in the rear view mirror and get stuck on it. They stare behind them and crash in to whatever is immediately in the road ahead of them – where they intended to go. You can’t go forward focusing on the past. Try driving backwards for a little while and see how easy that is. NOT! Yet many people drive their lives that way. Be one of those who drive forward with a big wide full view to lead your way.

Not all breakthroughs occur in therapy.

Use 2015 to breakthrough to YOU! That is Heavenly. This sign caught my eye at the resort.

At the start of a new journey of 2015, let the past stay put. Drive right past it.

Here are 3 ways to look ahead (and let go of the rear view):


    Catch yourself when you are focusing on the way things were. Throw it in the rear view mirror. Say, “That’s so rear view mirror!” Do a 180 turn and refocus your mind and emotions on the way things could be. Where is your road? Where is your goal?


    Make a New Year’s Rear View list. This should be a list of things you need to let go of from 2014. Make that list now. You don’t really have to burn your list but burn rubber and get yourself far ahead of it. Don’t let a tiny part of your vehicle determine your whole view.


    Set a big goal this year. Make your life worth having a big goal and then set up the 2015 trip to get there. A big goal will drive you forward without any urge to look to the past.

Remember the rear view mirror faces backwards. Which direction are your wheels facing?

This New Year week will come with loads of articles and messages of New Year’s resolutions. Forget the resolutions. Focus on solutions. Focus on what you need to put into your rear view mirror and the rest should take care of itself.

May your 2015 be a big wide open road in front of you and a rear view mirror that remains remarkably empty of any fearful distractions. And “Keep her between the fence posts” as my dad always says. Happy New Year!

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