Going With The Tide

by Terri Marie on July 31, 2015

Ocean TideBy this Thursday, we are supposed to have strong high tides in Southern California due to another Hurricane building. The tide cleanses, like the laundry detergent with the same name. The big waves clean the beach, yet if they get too strong, they also cause damage and strip away the sand. The sand is still in the ocean somewhere and the ocean can deliver it back eventually, but it can change the entire look and shape of a beach. It seems like many lives are doing that too.

I’ve been watching this tide. It’s like a dance in its rhythms. And like a dance, some dances are slow, some are fast – and some are best to sit out.

It’s all about taking things in stride. And it’s also about timing. Einstein said that Time is just something to keep everything from happening at once. Maybe he’s right.

In our lives we have our own tides, a natural rightness of flowing with life. This was pointed out to me in a recent stay I had in Newport Beach. After a very stressful and tiring extended stay elsewhere, lack of sleep and having to fight my natural rhythms, I found my energy was low. That translates into lower creativity as well as stress. Neither good.

Just a week by the healing ocean waters helped so much. Even more importantly was being able to set and work with my own schedule and natural rhythms. I was back! And boy did it feel good. It felt so good that I could no longer ever live in a situation that did not honor my value or rhythms.

The work I came here to do requires I stay in tune with Divine guidance. That decision led me to a temporary stay in Laguna – a delightful surprise at Karen’s, a good friend, on my way to LA.

The walks along the Laguna shores are teaching me about the ocean rhythms in a way that is very revealing. We all need natural rhythms in our lives.

Are you fighting with yours or working with them?
Here are 3 Keys to stay in tune with your natural rhythms.

    If you can sleep when you are tired and wake up when you are rested, your creativity will soar. If your sleep patterns are cut up, you create a more chaotic energy that does not flow well. It will disrupt the shoreline of your life.
    Some people work best in the morning. Some in the evening. Do your “hardest” work when you are freshest. I used to work on the easy things first so I could check them off my list. Now I prioritize and work first on the things most important to my goals. Even if I can only get a little done – it shows the Universe that I am in tune with my goals and serious about them. Then more steps to reach that goal show up. More waves come in. The Tide turns.
    Work on your pacing. Some people’s work pace is very long. They can work for hours and then take a break. I can only do that occasionally. My natural work stride is to work an hour or two, then break a bit. Then go another hour or two, and so on throughout the day. Find what pacing works best for you. If your work waves are too big – they will create pretty strong crashes, which can destroy everything in its way. If your work waves are too little, they aren’t very much fun and nothing gets accomplished. Find the right work wave size for you. It will help you accomplish much more and feel better doing it.

Like a blue moon (today’s rare occasion) if you find you can go on an extended work wave – don’t fight it. Ride it out. Once in awhile a nice big wave will come in that has your name on it. Take it. Even if it’s not your natural pattern or habit, enjoy the ride. This week I had a full day of practically nonstop work – my choice because the “wave” that was coming in felt so strong. The clarity work-wise was so large I couldn’t pass that wave up.

May you enjoy the tides of your life! Ride your natural energy waves and when a big one comes along – Hang Ten!

Your Friend,

Terri Marie

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