by Terri Marie on April 11, 2015

There are two sides to halftime. One is the side of the cheerleaders – the other is the side of the players. I’m going to give you both angles, because sometimes you will need to be the one encouraging and entertaining others and sometimes you will be in need of that motivation and/or relaxation. So this section is part performance and part R & R.
Halftime is the big entertainment section of the game for the cheerleaders, but it is a time for the team to rest and quickly analyze strategies and chart a better course if one is needed. When you’re playing, take a break. When you’re cheering, beef it up.


Periods of recovery are…intrinsic to creativity
and to intimate connection.
It is in the spaces between work that love,
friendship, depth and dimension are nurtured.
— Jim Loehr

There was a specific time that really stood out when I was a cheerleader. I had no energy. None. And we had a really big game later that evening. Throughout the school day I dragged myself through putting up the pre-game banners and the other tasks we had to do. Then I just sat in the bleachers wondering how I could possibly cheer through a whole game. While I was sitting there, I decided to go wash my face. I went into the lady’s room and splashed cool, refreshing water on my face for several minutes. Somehow the water washed that dreary heaviness too. I came back cheery and energized. While it was just a little thing, it worked wonders. I had taken time to regroup.


Take some time to regroup.

You can regroup at set times or as the need arises. Set a benchmark goal. Get your team together to brainstorm. You may have to do things different in the second half of the game. If things have been going fine, do more of them. If they have not, change your strategy.

In business, pick a benchmark goal; let’s say, after either two months or $150,000 in sales, whichever comes first. Then analyze and regroup. You do not fertilize the lawn only once. What can you do to WOW people after you have made your halftime goals?

Now is the time to let the rest of the game reveal it’s strategy to you. Decide who you want to play with. How aggressive you want to play and how much you want to win. Remember in life, you decide where your end zone is. Choose well. And if you want some help, well send me an email. info@reelmountainpictures.com

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