How a Calendar Turned Me Into a Movie Producer

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by Terri Marie on March 4, 2013

Glancing at my wall I look at the stunning photo of Hawaii on the calendar I bought on the islands last year. Sights burned into my memory with such beauty and joy it takes my breath away when I recall being there.

Then I remember when I was a young child, probably about 4 or 5 playing with our babysitter who lived downstairs named Erna. Erna collected calendars and every year when the new year arrived Erna would let us play with those calendars. We would cut out pictures from all the calendars laying around the floor. I remember looking at magnificent mountains, peaceful blue streams, endless flower fields, and countless images of nature dressed in her finest. How I longed to see those breathtaking sites.

Living in the relatively flat state of Wisconsin I wanted mountains. Give me height! Those pictures made me dream of beauty and think of bigger things than what I saw around me. Though I have to say Wisconsin’s autumn foliage is equal to none. And some of the white winter scenes were also magnificent though I dislike cold except in ice cubes.

My love for beautiful images spurred on by those calendars has stayed with me all my life – from loving a fabulously decorated home, elegant clothes, even to beautiful thoughts.

Those calendars provided me with the mental groundwork to make movies that move emotions. When I started with documentaries years ago, I looked for the beauty in the shot, in the landscape, in what someone said. That “beauty” always gave me my best work. Like images on a gorgeous calendar I could piece together a work that inspired me – something all good film makers strive for.

From the humble beginning of a child looking at pictures that inspired her and filled her impressionable mind with beauty, my life work is to create images that move, and inspire audience. Images that celebrate the beauty of life.

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