How to Keep the Day

by Terri Marie on October 10, 2014

How to Keep Your Day

This is an article on how to navigate the turbulent waters of your day so you can stay on track to reach your goals.

Every day we wake up with a huge clean piece of 24 precious hours (minus sleep). Those hours are a gift, our gift to use to express our life in whatever way we choose. Most of us have goals for the day. It could be working on a section of a project, traveling, taking care of an issue, visiting a person, or doing the best we can at the job we have.

When little or big things get in the way of our daily goals, we can take the detour and go around so we can still reach the destination we have set in motion.

I believe there is another reason to stay the course. It involves integrity with your word and what you have told or “promised” yourself you would do. It’s so important to honor that because it shows you, God, and the Universe that you keep your word. That aligns things up for more ease in reaching that goal.

What Steals your Day?

Unplanned things do come up in every person’s day. It’s part of the surprises and wonder of life. But staying the course all boils down to the choices you make.

Phone calls

It is your choice to answer the call or not. If you are involved in a project that needs your attention, if you can let the phone call wait, call back so you don’t break momentum.


You can check them once, or check them twice or constantly but these little digital messages are a great day stealer. Try to limit the time you spend answering them. You’ll be much more efficient when you are doing a chunk of them. Think of emails as errands. If you do them a few at a time, your whole day is gone. If you chunk them up and get them all done at once, you will feel like you have much more time to stay on track.


These are errands, (Groceries need to be bought. Bills need to be paid etc.) But like emails most of them can be grouped and done much more efficiently. John Travolta starred in a favorite movie of mine “Phenomenon” where he got struck by lightning and was able to see how everything could be done much faster and more efficiently, saving time and money. I like to think of this movie when I have a big goal in mind. How can I get it done more efficiently?

The above things, phone calls, emails etc. are wonderful when we consciously choose to participate rather than use them as the distraction they sometimes are. A phone call at a key moment can break the momentum we’ve created so that we have to restart our engines and get back up to speed.

There are an endless barrage of time stealers. Days get away before you know it. They disappear forever and take that day’s potential with it. You don’t want to lose potential. You want to realize it. So what gets in your way and how do you keep the day?

How to Keep Your Day

Here are three steps that work for me when I start to feel drawn from the road. As my Dad always says when I’m traveling. “Keep her between the fence posts.” These simple steps will help you do that.


Clarity is first and foremost the biggest guide to your day. If you know what you want to do with your day and you can prioritize those steps in a workable order, you will have a pattern that you just follow and do. It’s like a recipe. You will get a good result if you have a good recipe. Sometime we treat our days like a cook throwing together a bunch of unrelated things and wondering why the day doesn’t taste so good when we are done with it. Clarity with your day is seeing the result you want to have at the end of the day and making the best choices to get that result.


Focus for me is doing one thing. Just one. Giving it my all until it is done. Like driving over here to Sedona, I just kept going. Yes I stop when I need to and take a break. I may stop to enjoy something along the way, or wait out a storm, but I am totally focused on getting here. I do not quit until I pull in the garage and ring my wind chime in the entry, which tells me I’m home.


This time stealer usually occurs when other people are feeling the need for distractions in their day and not achieving their goals either. If your goal is big enough, the gentle fence you set in place says I love you, I care about you, and I need this place to accomplish this… (fill in the blank) until you can get back to them once you finish your task. P.S. They’ll secretly admire your focus.


If it’s a big goal, first see that goal accomplished (the clarity). The bookend to clarity is celebrate your commitment with a reward when you have accomplished your goals and held to the task.

For example:

Today I have an article to write, goal 1.

Goal 2.: I have a huge chuck of committed time (6 hours for editing my latest documentary) and also some scheduling for home upkeep.

Goal 3. Along with general business things that have to be dealt with (emails and phone calls to people I care about and want to serve.) But I know the priorities for this day so I can get that article to you, have a satisfaction of completing and airing a well done documentary that will hopefully enlighten and enwisen the viewer. And have my home continuing to look beautiful.

Tomorrow my goals are different. Back to working on the film – my number one BIG goal until it is produced and showing in theaters. But today I am focusing on the goals I have chosen for this day.


Days don’t have to be spent filled to the brim every second, but they do need to be savored with forward movement on the things you know you want to get done. Joy needs to be scattered throughout the day with the little treasures that keep your soul on track too.

And just so you know here are the distractions I had while writing this article.

  • A phone call. I justified this because I planned on calling this person to check on something anyway.

  • Made a quick cup of tea. (I already had one earlier)

  • I am writing by a mirror. I checked the mirror to notice that after showering, I had some hair strands on my shirt. Quick break to get them off. And a quick laugh to see how even when I am writing about staying focused it’s so easy to get distracted.

You don’t want to stop the beautiful life distractions that are the jewels of the day, day sparklers, like taking a moment to notice the lovely bird singing outside my window, or the spectacular skies clearing after the night’s rain in Sedona.

There goes the bird again. Luckily I am finished. (7 minutes over the time – due to above distractions.)

Have a wonderful week my friends,

Terri Marie

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