How To Tame Your Wild Feelings About Money

by Terri Marie on September 12, 2014

Heart Wealth

You can choose your feelings.

This has been proven in many studies.

Yet many people let their feelings choose them.

Feelings aren’t too selective, nor do feelings necessarily care about
the consequences of what a feeling can do in a person’s life.

So if you really can choose your feelings, (and you can),
why not decide to choose feelings that are going to give
you the abundance you want?

  • If you want wealth, why do you choose a thought of poverty?

  • If you want to be rich, how can you feel bad about paying a bill? (Rich people pay lots of bills.)

  • If you want to be fantastically fortunate, how will you be fortunate if you are feeling down in the dumps?

You have to train your feelings to serve you, not vice versa.
Most feelings come in and take over everything.
Feelings literally invade your body.
Feelings chain your body in emotions.
Then those same feelings watch you squirm under their control.
Not a pretty picture is it?
Remember back to when you felt your last uncomfortable feeling.
Don’t you remember how out of control and re-active you felt?

When emotions sneak up on you, all of a sudden
you are covered in the horrible chemicals of a nasty emotion.

Fortunately you can control your feelings once you’ve
realize they’ve crept back inside your body.


Here are Three Simple Steps to Handling Emotions.

* Note I didn’t say “easy” but simple.

It may take practice to get those feeling critters under control.

  1. Feel the emotion completely.

    If you can feel the emotion fully, this step will get rid of the emotion pretty fast,
    because once an emotion gets in, all it really wants is to be completely
    and fully noticed. Notice where it is in your body.

    Notice what it is doing.
    Notice where it is moving.
    Notice how strong it is.
    Once you start analyzing the emotion this much, the feeling gives up.
    It just plain surrenders.
    If feelings could talk they might say,
    “Okay. I am seen. I am a feeling and I have been felt.”
    Then, those feelings almost always disappear.
    Go figure.

  2. Replace the bad feeling with a better one.

    To do this requires actually letting go of the nasty feeling,
    which sometimes you don’t want to do because you feel justified feeling the way you feel.
    Feelings are seductive.
    It’s easy to analyze a feeling and feel justified about feeling it.
    Until you are ready to feel “better,” rather than “justified”, that feeling is going to have it’s way with you.
    Is that what you want?
    If not, get yourself a new nicer feeling. You’ve got to live with your feelings after all.

  3. Try a “Feeling Breaker.”

    A Feeling Breaker that works well for me is music. Another is toning.
    The tones I use create different moods.
    Tones move feelings out of the body areas that those specific feelings are stuck in.
    The quicker I do this the better.
    Maybe for you, a Feeling Breaker is taking a walk or hitting a baseball.
    Do something to move the emotion around.
    Doing something physical (but legal and healthy) usually does the trick and the little buggers leave pretty fast.

Feelings are great gifts because once you learn to control the negative ones,
you can also control and utilize the power of the positive ones. And when you do…if you want abundance, you will need to FEEL wealthy.

Your Abundance Affirmation: “I love feeling wealthy.”


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