Is Adventure Calling You?

by Terri Marie on October 24, 2014


When most children are little, they dream of adventure after adventure. It’s what makes their little eyes sparkle. Children clearly hear the call of the pirate or the sigh of the princess. They long to storm the castle or sail the ship. It’s inbred in humanity to search for the new experiences, the new lands…to discover more.

In uncovering new places in your life experiences, you discover more of yourselves.
You tread on higher ground.

Nothing will give your life a boost of spiritual adrenaline like a good adventure can. Our souls tingle when we discover the hand of someone in the past or when we hold the grinding stone of an ancient mother who made meals for her family with that very tool or when we share in the magic of the heavens and the underworld told in stone stories on ageless rocks.

The reason I’m so thrilled to tell you about adventure is because adventure will wake you up from a dull existence, void of dreams, and help return those dormant dreams to plop into your soul.

Adventure doesn’t have to be a long hike (I also got cactus in my hand on the way down – ouch). Adventure can be things you can venture into each day, week or month.

Here are three steps to add adventure to your schedule.

  1. Where Do You Want to Go? What places are calling to you? Start planning the trip. Even if you don’t go right away, or can’t go yet, plan anyway. Revel in it. Get guidebooks. Check on flights, reservations and activities. Get excited about it. Rent a movie on that place.

    I just watched Maidentrip about the Dutch girl who at 14 years old became the youngest girl to sail around the world by herself. No other boats/planes etc. following, only her and her video camera. Amazing to watch this girl change from a determined young girl to a profoundly brave, courageous and insightful woman. Even a movie can take you on an adventure. In fact it’s the very purpose of a movie, to get you out of your world and into the world created on the big screen.

  2. Experience the Unknown Near You. Every town/city/county has places you haven’t yet explored. Don’t keep going to the same old same old. Pick a new restaurant. Go in a store you’ve never shopped in before. Explore an art gallery. Discover. Be curious. Ask Questions. Learn.

  3. Go on a Real Adventure. If the pull is strong enough, take yourself on a true journey. A quest or a retreat can bring you back to center. Finding out who you are is the greatest and biggest challenge we face in life because when we know who we are, we will understand even just a bit more of the great God who created is and that is worth a lifetime of adventure.

Adventure is motion. It’s action on our parts but also being moved by the possibility of life and bringing alive new parts of ourselves. We are sculpting ourselves out of the very things we experience.

We come into this life and start the grand adventure. Adventure is such a fun word of possibility and hope and dreams. And today I share with you my thoughts on recent adventures and encourage you to have some of your own.

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