Kai, the Volcanic Snowman

by Terri Marie on January 16, 2015


Building Kai, the volcanic Snowman.

This is Kai, the Hawaiian snowman that we made on a hillside in Tahoe. The snow wouldn’t stick. It had to be dumped. Bring on the sled dump truck! Add a pine needle headdress and few mittens, pine cones and voila — KAI!

The reason Kai, the snowman is so amazing is because of an incredible chance encounter with the real Kai, a beautiful young Hawaiian boy.

Morgan and I were waiting for her dad at the hotel when Kai and his father came and sat next to us and started a conversation. Morgan is charmingly cute and quite social.

Kai, is a striking child. Dark close cut hair, deep skin and blue eyes. A very unique blend. He and Morgan formed an instant bond. Kai asked her what her name was and she told him. He said he was 12 years old and asked how old she was. Easy answer. 3! Since no one asked his name I asked Kai his name (which by now you know is Kai). When he said Kai. I replied, “Oh! Ocean!” He was thrilled and surprised that I knew what his name meant. His father said that when Kai gets a little out of control they call him Kai Wani — powerful ocean.

Kai became an instant big brother to Morgan, arm around her to protect her as if he’d known her his whole life. Kai’s father said he was raising Kai alone. His mother died when he was born. Here he was, this beautiful Aloha spirit bringing light wherever he went. Much more happened in the brief 10 minutes we had together, I will never forget this boy.

As we left, Kai came over, wrapped his wonderful young arms around me, gave me a huge hug and kissed me on the head near my ear. I can still hear the sound. It was like a sea shell.


Ocean Power Kai Wani.

We made the snowman in honor of Kai. His power even extended to the elements. Because the snow would not bond into a snowball we had to make it another shape, volcanic — otherwise we might have named the snowman Bob.

I’m not going to give you any big lessons today, just be aware of the magic, the beautiful chance and enchanting encounters that come your way. Dive into them. Play along. And perhaps the power of the ocean just might also come your way.

This touches on the way I’d like this whole year to go. The romance of a magical, loving, caring adventure. I wish that for all of you. Have a year of the beautiful Aloha spirit.

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