Keep Calm and Carry On!

by Terri Marie on September 18, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

It was at the Sedona Women Meeting that a woman brought up the Cheer that was used during World War II by the British to combat Germany’s propaganda machine and the fear that was starting to build in the country. That little cheer was put on a poster and printed with a red background and white ink. The British royal crown graced the top. It read “Keep Calm and Carry on.
While there weren’t a lot of these posters printed at the time, this powerful little message was a great antidote to the fear that was rampant in 1939 before England was invaded by Hitler.
It is beautiful in its simplicity and its faith. The message – We shall endure. Have faith. Keep moving into life.
Here are three simple ways to keep the faith and stay calm.
1. Focus on What’s Right in Front of You. 
Fear likes to project out into the future. That makes Fear even bigger and more powerful. If at this moment you are safe, then you ARE safe. The task at hand is the only thing you need to give your attention to.
2.  Find Something to Immediately Be Grateful for.
Thankfulness reminds us that there is still good around us. The more we build on that energy of goodness, the calmer we will feel.
3.  Breathe!
Not just the unconscious breathing we usually do, but the deep full rich breaths of life. Life that is continually flowing  through us. Your breath connects you to all life. The calmness you feel and release through your breath will help calm down the rest of the world too as well as yourself. You will be doing the whole world a big favor when you breath the energy of calm.
Today there is a great deal of fear. Fear of what the future will bring in worldwide situations, in financial and economic events and in our own personal lives. We must face that fear with grace and choose to keep going through it as if it doesn’t exist. Fear grows by attention and shrinks by action and faith. Today this is a great message for all of us to remember. Today my wish for you is
Keep Calm and Carry On
Use the power of faith and focus!

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