Little Cowgirl in Pink Hat – Dance Dance Dance!

by Terri Marie on April 23, 2013

By Terri Marie

Today’s article is about a video I shot this weekend at Melody Ranch, the former Gene Autry studio north of LA where they filmed such classic series as The Lone Ranger, Gun Smoke and Deadwood as well as many movies.

I was treated to a delightful and spontaneous “dance” from the most charming little cowgirl you ever saw. When I noticed a bobbing Pink Cowboy hat with feather trim I was already intrigued. When she climbed up onto the wooden sidewalk I watched. When she started dancing to the catchy fiddle music I grabbed my camera and made my way to get as good of a view of her as I could.

This little cowboy angel charmed everyone who saw her and this is what I want to share with you today.

From a child jumping into life we can learn so much. May she bring great joy to your day and a smile to your heart.
When you hear the music of life – jump into the dance. That music is calling you.
Be spontaneous like a child. The beautiful inner child of yours has great joy inside, bring it out.
Everyone connects with you when you reach the joy of your inner child.
Be un self-conscious but self aware. Awareness will magnify who you are and attract the situations in life where you can shine
Notice life dancing around you today. Join in. “Dance in!”

When you get a chance today to dance in whatever form, jump at it!

Enjoy life my friends and enjoy this charming little Pink Hat Dancing Cowgirl!

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