Maya, The Magic Power of Illusion

by Terri Marie on May 8, 2015

The Illusion of Maya

Maya, in addition to being the people known for the Mayan Calendar, Maya, is from a Hindu word meaning the power to produce illusions. Which is a form of magic. It’s a power we as Human/Divine cultivate continually from the time we are just babes.

A baby born in China, will not only learn Chinese, but also that cities are crowded, resources are scarce, and the New Year Day changes every year.

A baby born in Atherton, CA (super high income) will learn English, (and maybe another language) that there is an abundance of resources to choose from, and that higher education is a given.
So the same baby landing from the stork in different parts of the world can expect different realities and different belief structures. That’s environmental influence.

Of course there is genetic influence as well. I also believe there is soul influence – what our souls bring forth through our bodies into our experiences. You have some control over environment. Once you grow up you can choose where to live and what energies and influences you want to have around you, from friends to the physical part of the world where you want to settle and experience your days.

You may also have a little control over genetics by making choices that don’t trigger genetic tendencies and choosing healthful foods and lifestyle and avoiding as much stress as possible. But where you have the biggest power to change your life is where the mind and the heart connect – and I think this is the point of MAYA. The place where we “create” our experience by what we both think and feel.

And I believe this power is infinite. It is so little used in ways that will benefit our lives because many people haven’t been taught or figured out how to control and direct the MAYA.

For example: California is in a drought. There is scientific and practical proof of lack of rain. It is a very popular topic on the news, media, and talk shows. Now it is trickling into mass consciousness. “Oh no a drought.” And we start believing water is scarce. Trust me, I’m not downplaying the seriousness of a severe drought. However I would like to point out the Maya in it and what role that might be playing.

Years ago I met one of my dearest friends, the great Taos Medicine Carrier, Standing Deer. It was at a “rain dance full moon ceremony” in Laguna Beach. His father, the Medicine Man of Taos, sent him over to California which was having a drought in the early 90’s. His powerful song, his disarming smile and huge spirit, had even the Laguna Police dancing under the moonlight! And we got rain.

It is not that the lack of rain is an illusion, but the Maya is where we are focusing. When Millions of not only Californians, but Americans across the country, focus on “lack” of anything, they create a mass consciousness or belief system that is the opposite of abundance. That place where we direct our focus is the place of power. Focus on lack, then lack is what is seen and experienced. Focus on abundance, abundance grows. Some, but few media influencers, are spreading the abundance mentality when it comes to water.

There are so many statistics that can be cited to prove either side’s point. i.e. to raise one beef cattle, it takes enough water it could float an ocean carrier. Or how much water it takes to grow an almond tree. Let’s balance with abundance.

The drought focus is on “ta da” what you don’t want. Instead of rain. Instead of the lush greens that most Californians have seen and loved. What I want to point out, is don’t buy into the fear of the year club.

I believe we can make choices that help overall with the situation now and also create a world in which the amazing blueness of our little planet can be utilized in a new cycle to continue to bring life and abundance to all earth’s residents.

There are different sides to the water issue and that’s not the point here. The point is we have the power to control where our minds go on topics that suggest or state that the world isn’t perfect. It isn’t and it is. That’s Maya.

So on water, I will choose to not be wasteful. I will also take the shower or bath I want to take, trusting in unlimited supply of the Universe. The God force is not stingy. Never has been. Never will be. Perhaps water is an issue that some genius is just ready to burst forth and solve, moving us onward to humanity’s next challenge.
But within your own heart and spirit, where is the drought issue? Where is your Maya? What illusions are you facing that if you could see behind the magician’s cloak, you could reveal to yourself?

Here are three steps to revealing Maya and how to use its power to create Abundance:

  1. What Patterns Keep Revealing Themselves in Your Life?

    What keeps showing up in different forms but contains the same energy? A common one is relationships. Different body. Same energy. Same issues. That is Maya. Once you begin to allow yourself to see the pattern, you are very close to releasing it. The revelation is what will do the trick. Do you have a relationship where someone puts you down or disrespects you? It’s Maya, dear one. Do you have a boss that heaps demands on you, but not praise and takes the credit? If it’s happened more than once, it’s Maya. Have you gotten a windfall, then lost it? Over and over. It’s not you. Not bad luck. It’s Maya. Illusion. So how do you bring these patterns to light?

  2. Look at the Pattern. Ask What the Lesson is.

    Within every pattern is a seed. Every pattern started with a spark of some form of energy. That energy if fed, continues to duplicate itself until it becomes like a brick wall of consciousness and you believe that is reality. Again it’s Maya, but Maya is controllable – by you. After all, it was you that created it. And here’s how to control it.

  3. Let Go of the Illusion.

    Reveal Your Maya! How? Once a magician’s trick is revealed, the magic is gone. You see what is happening. Your awareness has expanded. The trick can’t control you with its power anymore. You have taken the power back.

    In a relationship, if you know that your partner is going to put you down when a group of people are around – because in some way that makes them feel bigger and more powerful – more wizard-like – take yourself out of the game. Tell your partner, you know what they are going to do when you get together with others. Tell them what you will do if they choose to do this again. I.e. You are not going to play anymore. You know their trick. You know their illusion. They will test you. Follow through by taking your action; leave the room, restaurant, get a cab whatever, but respect yourself enough to honor your word. You can only break your own Maya. Your action step may be strong enough to break theirs. If not, then decide what other Maya is surrounding the situation. A fear of being on your own? A fear of taking responsibility for yourself? A fear of letting go, of blame and moving out of victimhood? There could be any number of fears, but releasing Maya will not feel bad, it will feel enormously empowering.

    Another example.

    If your boss demands unrealistic amounts of work, or never praises you, reveal the Maya to him or her. Chances are they are doing this for some reason. Maybe they fear your talent and keep you piled under menial work, worried that you will outshine them if you have time to work on larger projects. There could be any number of reasons. If you get the reason, great . If not, it’s not necessary. What’s necessary is revealing to him/her that you now can see the Maya and it’s just not going to work like magic for them anymore. When they do it again, here’s what you will do. You could go to their boss and ask what your specific job responsibilities are. Many times these uncomfortable life experiences are only there to provide you with the energy and discomfort to get you to a better place. Leave if that is the case.

Drink from the fountain of life that continually flows with abundance. Be conservative, if needed, on resources until things get figured out. But believe in the power of the human/divine to rise above limitations. Abundance is freedom. Abundance is power.

Release the power that is trapped in the illusions of your life. Claim the energy of your Maya and watch your life start manifesting the experiences of your dreams.

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