Perfection at Christmas? Impossible!

by Terri Marie on December 19, 2014

  • It will kill your dreams

  • It will narrow your life

  • It will eat your time

  • It will cost you a fortune

  • It will dull your relationships

  • It will dry out your heart.

What is this monster?


It lurks.

It sounds so good. In fact it sounds so “perfect.”

But it’s not.

Perfection kills life force. It sucks the life out of your life.

It stifles creativity.

It destroys happiness.

It’s time to kick perfection out of your life.

Do good and give your best. But don’t get stuck on perfect or you won’t get much accomplished in your life and you’ll make everyone around you including yourself pretty miserable.


Even models are airbrushed and lit to hide imperfections.

What is the antidote to perfection?

It’s a combination of acceptance, joy, and letting go.

  • Acceptance

    Accept that you have done a very good job at whatever you’re working on. And really do a good job. But don’t struggle for the elusive 100%, especially at Christmas time.

  • Joy

    Be so happy that if something isn’t perfect, it doesn’t even bother you. Filling your heart with joy leaves the nagging voice of perfection out. It can’t get a hold of you. And joy is a much higher emotional state than perfection ever could be.

  • Letting Go

    Letting go isn’t being slothful or uncaring, it’s being wise. Letting go comes from a high state of the human condition. It allows us a great gift… freedom. We can choose to carry our burdens or we can let them go, accept them and be joyful. Three months ago I was in excruciating pain. Even then, when I asked internally if I was happy, the answer was still yes. Yes I also wanted the pain to go away but even pain could not take away my happiness. That’s when I knew joy had became a “color” I use to look at the world with.

Today there will be over 300,000 babies born.

How many will be perfect?


Instead of perfect… they are just plain awesome!

Like you are.

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