Unique Life Purpose Strategy Session
“Unique Life Formula” Strategy Session

Do you want to be well-paid for doing what you love? Whether it’s getting your new book out, or helping you be the star in your next radio interview, or strategizing for more income or determining your unique gift, you will finally discover what it takes to be successful in your quest. You will inspire other people to want to work with you and you can make your Big Dream a reality today. Book a session right now!


Your Inner Cheerleader
Your Inner Cheerleader

In Terri Marie’s latest book, “Your Inner Cheerleader” you will be shown Strategies, Formulas and Secrets of Cheerleaders. You might be thinking a cheerleader? For Business? Come on! But Terri Marie will prove to you in her book that cheerleaders are smart cookies. There are hundreds of potent tips and examples that Terri Marie used for her own business success including her TV productions. Let Terri Marie share her Inner Cheerleading World with you. She’ll show you how it works in a book that’s elegant in its simplicity, universal in its adaptability.


The Spiritual Arena

Terri Marie’s inspirational site for spiritual guidance, spiritual resources and good news for the soul.



Stein Eriksen Ski Films

Outstanding ski lessons and ski tips from a legendary Olympic skier. Produced by award-winning filmmaker Terri Marie to capture the best snow skiing instruction and advice from one of the most legendary ski figures who ever lived, the great Stein Eriksen. In 1952 Stein shocked the ski world with a breathtaking skiing victory at the Winter Olympics in Oslo, Norway, his hometown. Stein went on to become one of the biggest names in the skiing and is a huge part of the history of skiing. Stein is one of the world’s most beloved skiers. This is the most beautiful skiing you have ever seen!