by Terri Marie on September 26, 2014

I drew the surrender card this weekend. Once in a great while I go to my angel cards and ask for a message. It’s always divinely perfect. It always hits the spot, strikes a chord, rings the bell of my soul. This time surrender is what I was missing. Forgetting to turn my life over and up to a higher power. I was trying to do it all myself, way to big of a job for me.

Whenever I get overstressed, I can’t find things. My keys, phone, my checkbook, credit cards disappear. Yes it’s weird but I know this pattern. First thing I have to do is get myself into a state where I let everything go. Then I work to shift back to joy because I’ve most likely misplaced my joy first and all the good stuff in my life flows from my connecting with things that bring me joy. As I begin to do that, life starts showing up in Technicolor again instead of grays. Happiness fills my heart. I truly surrender to the beautiful flow of life that we are all gifted with.

If things seem a little out of whack for you now perhaps surrender is the message you need to hear today.

So here is your card:

Surrender It’s actually very easy.Here’s what I do:

– Take a deep breath.

– Ask for guidance along with a little prayer.

You can use something along this line or your own heartfelt words.

“God/angels, universe. I’ve tried to do this on my own. I now surrender this [state your request___ ] fully and completely to you. It’s yours now and I’m honored that you are there to help. Show me what to do, say or be and I will do, say, or be it. I let it go to you. Thank you so much for the help and guidance with this. I give this entire day to you.”
And watch what happens.

I know very good things will happen in your life when you surrender because what you are really surrendering is your lower self. You are letting the higher part of you – the part that’s connected to God, the Source – take over. That’s when things get done quickly. People call “out of the blue,” feelings shift, things happen.

Right now change is coming so fast that surrender really is the only option to stay in the flow. Trying to take on the vastness of the spiritual shift we are going through is too big for any one of us – but it’s a piece of cake for the other side to handle. Let go and let God is probably all we need to know other than to truly learn to love every bit of life.

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