Switching Lanes

by Terri Marie on June 19, 2015


You’ve all seen the speeding car that zigs and zags through traffic and then you end up next to each other at the stop light. All that effort and there you both are side by side.

Since I’ve been spending a lot of time on the LA freeways lately, I’ve seen plenty of the ziggers and zaggers. Sometimes, I’m sure, they might get there a little faster than me. Other times, I later still see them next to me. The fact of the matter is that if I just stay on the freeway and keep moving when I can, I get where I’m intending to go.

Many people, in going toward their goal or destination, will try this and try that rather than committing to a path and a plan and get on trucking along. They are zigging and zagging. That’s fun at an amusement park but pretty hard in real life. It takes a lot of energy.

You don’t usually make too much extra progress continually switching lanes and with each lane switch there is a loss of energy.
Of course, you have to change lanes sometimes, but if it’s your whole mode of driving – got to get ahead of everyone – it defeats the joy of the journey. The way to really get ahead is when you understand that rather than switching lanes, you might need to switch roads.

If you are a road that depresses you, de-energizes you, or you don’t look forward to driving every day, it’s time to change roads. That new road will take you to the different destination that your soul is screaming for.

How do you know when it’s time to switch roads?

  1. Whenever you think of this particular journey your soul sinks. Your whole body shrivels or your stomach hurts. It’s your spirit’s way of trying to get your attention. The body is a most useful vehicle (no pun intended) to get through to you. Pay attention. Do you cringe when the thought of seeing a particular person, dealing with a specific group or going to a certain place/job/location comes up? Knock, knock? “It’s your spirit calling.” Please answer or it will use more forceful means next time. Trust me I’ve got lots of experience with this one.

  2. When you get consistently grumpy for no good reason. Something in your life isn’t nourishing you. There is a staleness or a dullness that depresses you, or devalues you. You find more fault with others or yourself rather than letting things roll off. The car that drives next to you annoys you. Big call to switch roads.

  3. When you can no longer surrender to the road. The road is the process, the path you’ve chosen and it’s not always going to be clear. It’s not always going to be easy. We all have things in our lives that don’t feel perfect. Some of those things we’ve chosen to get us to a bigger road so we knew the path would be rough. Then we suck it up and keep going. But when we can no longer surrender to the road and just go with it, bumps, stalls and all. When it stresses us out too much to be on that road in the first place then listen. Then we know the best thing to do is to just stop, get off the road and reevaluate the map of our lives.

Get the hint. It’s time to switch roads. It’s time for the exciting new drive and the new feelings that come with a new destination and a different journey. Get on a higher road.

If you need help either deciding if and when it’s time to switch roads and what road would be better for you to take I’m here to listen and help. info@reelmoutainpictures.com

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