Tables Make Houses Homes

A few years ago I gave a speech on the title above. While I can’t recall exactly
what I said I remember the message vividly. Tables do make a house a real home.
It is around the family table that we break bread and build spirits…together.

This weekend millions of people will be gathering at a family table in a
meal of celebration, rebirth and resurrection.

When you think of the potential human energy available for good gathered
at one meal – Easter dinner, or brunch, or however you celebrate it, that
amount of potential for uplifting our souls is enormous.

So many meals are eaten on the run, alone or without much consciousness
that we often lose a wonderful opportunity for connection and growth.
This weekend don’t miss it.

Take advantage of the gatherings that are available to you as an offer of the bounty of springtime.
Be grateful for the friends and families that you have the great gift of being with and sharing a meal.
And be thankful for the spirit of hope that is so prevalent in Spring. May it carry you through the whole year with grace.

You are no less than the green gorgeous trees opening up again.
You are no less colorful than the beautiful blossoms and fresh fragrance
of the Easter season. We too, are re-birthed every single day. Spring is our
reminder that we are continually being born into who we really are.

I am very grateful to you that I can share a few words around a little
virtual table of my newsletter.

And watch for bunnies!