Thank God For The Children

by Terri Marie on August 29, 2014

Child Hands

Thank God for the children.

For the new lights that are going to guide us to the future.

For their energy that will spread across the world and touch every single one of us.

For the new thoughts they will think and the new creations they will dream up.

For the brighter ways they will show us to shine.

For the records they will set and show us that impossible isn’t.

For the hearts they will open and the questions they will finally answer.

For the discoveries they will make, the journeys they will take.

For the teams they will create that will create the most amazing changes in our lives.

For the life they will heal.

For the songs that haven’t yet been written. The ones that they will catch and deliver brilliantly.

Let us cherish those new lights that God sent to guide us.

Most of us get that part backward. Children are the ones who show us the way.

Let us follow their beautiful little lights.

If we can remember we came here to create what we feel in our hearts, we will also remember what it is to feel divine.

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