The Amazing Evolving Human

by Terri Marie on December 5, 2014


This week I came across something fascinating to me that I wanted to share with you. A new world of color. Evidently there are some women (possible more than we realize) who can see the world in 100 times more colors than the average person.

It’s called Tetrachromacy, an enhanced type of color vision where there are four cones in the eye instead of the normal three.

The first documented artist with tetrachromacy is Concetta Antico. I’ve included a link to her site with some of her paintings of the ocean because, well, I just love the ocean and find this new color world fascinating. It was the article on her called “The Girl with Kaliedescope eyes” in Vogue that captured my attention and imagination.

Tetrachromacy is an enhanced type of color vision where some women can see colors that others cannot.‎‎ They are testing this in the UK at Newcastle University Institute of Neuroscience and UCI’s Human Tetrachromancy Research Collaborative. Women, here are the criteria.

  • ‎Do you have an excellent memory for colors?‎

  • Can you tell the difference between colors when others can’t?

  • Do you find that people’s clothes clash when others do not?

  • ‎‎Do you find it hard to choose colors that match?

In addition to the blue, green and red cones, Tetrachromats have a yellow-green cone. It gets fairly technical how it shows up via gene carriers but supposedly 12% of woman carry the gene although not all express it.
It all has to do with coding on the X chromosome and only women have this 4th cone. Ironically those women all have some connection to a man in the family who has “mild color blindness”. It’s almost as if the deficiency in one allows the other to have super human eye powers.

It was an epic moment in film when we went from black and white to color. Now perhaps we will be able to go from color… to COLORPLUS.

What this means is, how many more things will we discover in the next steps in human evolution? I can’t wait to find out!

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