The Lessons of the Pueblo Indians Part II

by Terri Marie on March 27, 2015

  1. Use What You Have.

    While I stayed on the pueblo with a native family (who spoke no English by the way) I spent time watching the gentle playing of the children there. A little girl about five years old had a balloon. She was tapping it softly with her brother. Suddenly it broke. What happens when a child’s balloon breaks? I expected tears. There were none. The child picked up the pieces of floppy rubber, looked at it and curiously began to play with the new version of the balloon. It was just part of the flow. It was the next transformation. It was nothing to worry about or complain about. That child’s composure has come back to me many times when a situation “pops” or explodes. I recall a young child, moving on… using what was right in front of her at the moment.

  2. It’s All in Fun. Laugh at Yourself.

    Pueblo Indians have a great sense of humor. It’s humor in the simple things and it’s also humor in the most sacred of things. Because nothing is so serious that “enlightenment” cannot be brought to it. The Pueblo Indians know this. They practice this. Every dance has a “character” to laugh at and with. The teasing that goes on is great fun, especially when you can see it from the inside. The Deer Dance of San Juan had an “Apache” dancer (their former enemy) who played that role in the dance. His role was to steal the little deer (young boys) and carry them off. Of course it was all in jest and everyone had a great time getting the little deer back.

    Another time at the Pueblo I stayed with the sister of the War Chief. The War Chief is the person who decides the dance dates. The dance dates are not on a calendar. They are inspired when the time is right. Unfortunately the sister, Bernie, was not home. She had to go to the big city. So the two elderly grandmothers who were there told me I was to stay in Bernie’s room. Unfortunately yet again, they forgot to mention this to Bernie’s boyfriend who showed up in the middle of the night. He came into Bernie’s room, scaring me half to death saying “Bernie?” In the morning, even though the two grandmothers couldn’t talk, they thought the “Bernie” scenario that night was hilarious and laughed every time they said “Bernie?” and then pointed to the room and laughed again. Today I think it’s hilarious too. Took me awhile to come around to the humor that I should have gotten right away. Life is full of humorous moments disguised by our own expectations. Lighten up. You’ll shine a whole lot brighter.

  3. Pueblo Indian

    Bless and Do Ritual.

    Rituals provide direction, tradition, release and clarity. The Natives use their rituals to bond as a community and to bond with the Earth and most of all to bond with their Creator, the Great Spirit. The deeper less apparent but extraordinarily important bond is with your higher spirit. The mythic part of you LOVES ritual. It loves when you connect with it through a well-thought out intentioned ritual, whether in a group or alone – although there is great power in the group. The Pueblo Indians know both these things. They take their rituals very seriously, even when they are having fun. For days, even weeks, the big celebrations are prepared. Food is made for days. Costumes are brought out like Christmas decorations returned to the tree each year. The festive outfits adorn the body and honor the dance and the ceremony. In our modern rushy life, most rituals that connect us with the seasons are lost or transmogrified into something less meaningful. When was the last time that you actually celebrated spring. Thanked the earth for her flowers, trees, new growth, grass, melting snow and ice, even a place to walk on or build our homes on? A place to drive our cars on, swim in, breathe in, play in? Earth is our big sand box. It would serve us well to never forget the great gift this beautiful planet is. See if there is a ritual that speaks to your heart this spring.

Here are a few spring rituals for you to try.

This is from Barbara Biziou:
Spring Soul Cleansing

She also has a short little video on spring cleaning on her home page I think you’ll like.

And for a special treat, check out this RUMI documentary. I think you’ll love it.

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