The Lessons of the Pueblo Indians

by Terri Marie on March 13, 2015

Pueblo Indian

  1. Save Some Seeds for Replanting

    The Pueblo natives have learned a basic life lesson: put aside a bit of what life gives you so you can continue to create new life. They save some seeds from every harvest so they can continue the cycle of life.

    In what way can you “save seeds?” The obvious is money. Saving a little from all the monetary harvest life gives you, allows you to keep your money cycle growing. But the unobvious “seeds” are things like save some energy for unexpected needs. Life certainly has been giving all of us plenty of those lately! Save a few treasures from a big event (even if it’s photos). Those little seeds will bring back BIG feelings. Save some seeds of time in your day. You will benefit from those seed times in miraculous ways. A little seed of time that is dedicated to expanding or growing time through quietness or meditation is a priceless seed gift you can give yourself each day.

  2. Ladies First

    This is sooo sweet and respectful. It’s not just the politeness of “after you” which is a sign of deep respect, but the outside women who come into the Pueblo must “connect” with the Pueblo women first. I think this is a good thing for the following reasons. First, you bring honor to the tribe by respecting the women. It is a matriarchal society. Homes are passed down from mother to daughter. Grandmother to granddaughter. You honor the centuries of tradition by respecting the women. Bring them gifts. Acknowledge them. The women love to connect with outsiders who respect them. So many people didn’t do that in the past. Second, the women in their tribe represent Mother Earth. You are respecting the Mother of Life by honoring that in the women. If more people would do this, the world would not have as much violence, strife and war. The Mother of Life’s role is to preserve and nurture life. It is her very nature. And the tribe knows this. So when I went there the first time, I was given this advice from a very powerful Native American man. I would not have been allowed to film if I had not be forewarned of this and acted in accordance with his advice. This lesson is to remind you to honor the sacred Mother in all women. Every woman has this power of the Creative Life Force within her. Honor it.

  3. Pueblo Indian

    The Give Away

    When the dancers dance the sacred dances, there is a part of the dance called, “The Give Away.” It’s where the dancers bring an array of gifts and throw them to the crowd. I love the concept of that. Throwing gifts to the world. The gift I received when I watched this dance was a beautiful cotton scarf that I still wear today when I hike. It is filled with the energy of the most sacred of places and the most sacred of rituals.

    The point of this lesson is to remember the sacredness of honoring the people you share the most important rituals of life with. The Natives revere first, the Great Spirit, then the earth and the people who are part of the earth by honoring them with gifts. Choose your gifts with that honor in mind. Your recipient will feel it. Bless them!

As we come up to the beautiful renewal time of the earth cycle, Spring, enjoy the gifts that come from those who have honored the earth and her spectacular phases for hundreds of years. The sacred rituals will add profound meaning to your life and slow your hectic days into her beautiful rhythms which are designed to nurture you in every way.

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