The Million Dollar Friend

by Terri Marie on June 5, 2015

After a little stalemate (who designed that word… a divorcee?), things seem to be ramping up again. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting YouTube Stage LA with an invitation to a filmmaker party, featuring a fabulous Symphony Orchestra and the whole shebang. But the important part of the evening for me was the first 10 minutes. I lined up next to a Native American filmmaker. Lots of synchronicity there. She’s doing some big work. She told me the biggest story there was the young man right behind me and introduced me to Dylan Siegel, the 6 year-old who raised $1.1 million dollars to help his friend who had a rare disease and… well the story is in the video below.


Inside YouTube Stage LA. The boy genius inventor from the movie Tomorrowland with George Clooney is one of the little fellows right below the stage. If you squint you might be able to see him.

Now I have to tell you to get to Youtube in the first place was not an easy deal – when I got the invitation, every time I tried to RSVP it wouldn’t go through. I contacted the event coordinator, I tried different angles, different websites. I did the works. Finally the next day – down to the wire – I said, “Angels, if you want me to go, if it would be of benefit to be there, let it be easy.” Boom went right through. Confirmed.

Not the end of the story however. My navigation didn’t work. It told me to turn down a completely blocked off street. Youtube could not find my name on “The List” I had to let go over and over and over of how things turned out. Each time I did, things worked out better than I could have hoped including meeting that amazing young man. He is wise beyond his 8 years old. The video was filmed in front of YouTube and yes that is a helicopter behind us.

If you so desire to continue Dylan’s legacy go to I can only imagine what he will do when he’s 10!

P.S. The biggest point I got from Dylan was that even at 6, he had a vision and knew he was there to help make it happen. He stuck to it. In fact his mother told him that maybe a bake sale would be a better option. No, he said, he needed to do a book and raise a million dollars. I agree. That’s a lot of cookies to bake.

Have a fabulous June and may this little guy inspire you to do “the impossible” yourself. Just get yourself a good enough reason. It will happen.

Be epic,

Terri Marie


VIDEO – Dylan’s Million (It even rhymes!)

Please like this video on Youtube and help Dylan help cure his friend.

Click here to play.

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