The New “Ten Questions to Ask God”

by Terri Marie on April 5, 2014

1. What if I could totally believe you?

“You do believe. Underneath everything that covers up your faith and trust, you really do believe that I am here for you. You can believe even more when you use the vast amounts of faith you came here with. You are my descendant after all.” — God

2. What if there was more than enough for everyone?

“There is more than enough on the planet to serve everyone’s needs, desires and wants. How could I not have created a perfect place to serve you?” — God stated.

3. What if everyone could be billionaires?

“Why not?” God sighed, “I’m not stopping you.”


4. What if I were perfect? What if everyone were perfect?

“You are,” God emphasized. “They are too,” God insisted.

5. What if I were loved as much as I needed to be so I never worried about losing love again?

“How can you lose what you are made of?” “Love is your very essence.” — God

6. What if I were loved as much as the farthest star?

“You are as close to me as any star. You are as close as my heart. I carry you with me everywhere. You are mine forever. How could I not love you?” God replied.

7. What if all our health was perfect?

“You are exquisite specimens of jubilant creation. You are endless bright beacons of light stuffed into human bodies to learn to love yourself, life and others.” — God

8. What if we lived forever?

“You do. That’s who you are.” — God

9. What if we got second, third and fourth chances?

“I will give you as many chances as you choose. Second to the infinity power chances and even more than that,” God insisted.

10. What if you would never leave?

“I am always with you,” God said. “You are my best creation.”

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