The Right Arms

by Terri Marie on April 24, 2015

This week’s feature article is one I ran across when I was looking for something else. I realized I had never published it, even though I wrote it right after the tragedy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Still hard to believe this after three years. Yet I feel this message is as relevant today for there are still huge doses of rage playing out on earth’s stage. Maybe this will help.

The Right Arms


Another tragic shooting. More innocent lives taken from an average day, in an average town, from average families. But it an event that is tragically becoming more common. Across our country and beyond, there are mass shootings in schools, malls, and theaters. Is anywhere safe? It has reached the breaking point.

We are looking at the “How, ” the choice of how these killers carry out their terror…through the use of assault weapons and guns.

Let us take a look too at the “Why.” Why are these criminals choosing to carry out their hatred, rage and anger against the innocent and often unknown. I don’t know what the answers are, but in my own little way maybe these thoughts can help.

We have to ask questions. Let us be wise enough to ask the right ones.
Are the lines of reality and movies and video games blurred? Is this due to social media creating the space for mass bullying?

This I know. Whenever you put down another person, you put down humanity. That one act makes the whole world smaller and less bright.

Something has crossed a border in our society. It is like the new old west – only now we’re not going after just bad guys – but anyone. It is affecting more innocents than ever and on a much larger scale. That I know is wrong. We are supposed to protect the innocent and young, not kill them.

Guns were made to defend and protect, not to shoot the unarmed and innocent. That is not an act of bravery but of cowardice and weakness. Relying on a gun to do what they themselves could never do alone, is a sign of a very weak human being.

Perhaps the solution lies in the opposite direction of what caused this isolation, the retreating from human bonds and the pushing away of life.

Maybe if we start with 3 things it can help . I call this the LAB technique.


L = Love

A = Acceptance

B = Belonging

Let’s lay now down our collective arms, the bearing of brutal assault arms and use our arms to hug, hold hands, and to encourage and cheer each other on. Let’s find the glory in the right to use our own arms to praise life, not destroy it. To encourage life, not steal it.

Lets us strive together for a social order of a higher nature, not an unknown chaos created by fear, anger and loneliness, but a place of family and community. Let us find compassion for those who are alone and discouraged. Let us create a world where each of us can bloom to our best within a society providing the nutrients to nurture us to our full glory, not destroy us.

Let us not spray each other with bullets, but with compliments of the heart.
Let us watch the arms of our young grow strong enough to fly and to embrace the full richness of life.

Those were 52 precious arms that will never again extend out in praise, or in love, or to hug or touch another person. Those were arms that would never shoot a person, but perhaps shoot a film to uplift and enlighten the world. Those were arms that could have researched a cure or served a holiday dinner. Arms that might have created the next drug to save lives or treat a threatening illness. They were arms that could have enriched society. Those are the arms we will miss the most. Let us ensure that countless other arms have these opportunities. Let’s let the arms of our children grow like the wings of life they should be.

Now as my arms and hands hold a pen to write this, I pray more arms will extend forth more in kindness than hatred and do what arms do best, cherish one another.

The other end of a tragedy is a glory. Let’s find it.

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