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Is your life getting too TIGHT?

Are you constricting not only your body, but your life? If life is tight, you may feel that if you loosen the grip on your life – everything will fly apart.

But actually the reverse is true.

If you loosen, you free the inner spark of the life force within you to ignite the fire of your dreams. You relax into a whole new life; a bigger, more expansive and fulfilling life.

We feel we must hold on tight to everything in our life as if we are hanging from a tree branch over a canyon. We feel we can never let go without losing it all. That’s not true.

The song from – Let It Go is such a big hit because of its universal truth. Children know all the words to the song. They claim it as their song. So can you.

It’s time for you to expand. A tight grip will crush your life. A loose grip releases the seed, your dream.How can you do this when you feel things aren’t going your way? Or when it seems as though life is crushing you? Here are a few tips.

  1. Close your hand. Then open it. Do it again. Really notice. Which feels better? Your body knows!
  2. When you think of a stressful situation in your life, you feel it in your body. Think of one such situation now. Now let go of the tension in your body around that issue. Tell yourself three calming words…All is well.
  3. Have some fun. Joy releases and expands us. It’s natures way of having us let go of being tight by playing. Children know this. Join them.

Sure tight is great for some things. Think jeans, an airplane door must be shut tight on take off, or a window in inclement weather, but tight is not right for your life, your dreams. Those dreams need to be loose enough to fly.

Add a deep breath to the mix and watch some of the tight take flight.

I wish you a loose and joyful happiness and plenty of freedom.

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