Time for Goodbye

by Terri Marie on August 14, 2015

Life is all about change and hopefully growth in a beautiful direction. My last few years have been an almost continual stream of directional changes, all to get me onto the path I was destined to walk, albeit by choice.


Time to expand……


As life manifests the things I have been asking for, it comes with a price – a time and energy commitment dedicated to what I believe is my highest potential.

My priorities have become startlingly clear.

  1. The feature film project.
  2. Broken RainbowSuper important, the client’s I help, creating videos for them that crystallize their truth so they can stand out among the universe of expanding online video. And also new projects including documentaries that help awaken. In fact, in doing research for an upcoming documentary, I watched the Academy Award Winning documentary Broken Rainbow again. It was filmed over 30 years ago, yet the “warnings” and predictions by the Hopi people (the peaceful ones) are shockingly accurate. It is time I put my focus on these endeavors.

Therefore, I am saying a temporary goodbye. As I restructure my life to reach these new levels, I will be posting updates on FB, and LinkedIn, but will be placing the ezine on hold as I reorganize and discover where to best put my energy and creativity.

I will certainly update on the progress of these large new projects. For example, the documentary I’m currently editing, The American Entrepreneur, an optimistic, energizing look at the Entrepreneur, especially through Tom Antion, a good friend of our mutual, dear friend, the late Dottie Walters, and multi-millionaire internet star and speaker. (Current running time is 4 hours and 31 minutes – down from over six hours from my first rough cut and dozens of hours of footage. GOAL is 2 hours before I get it to Tom to cut the rest.) There will be thousands and thousands more edits to do to create this story.

So you can see I have my hands beautifully full so I can serve with my highest talents. I am grateful for the articles and personal news I have been able to share with you and wish you wonderful days flowing with abundance to you.

Drop me a line if you wish and be sure to enjoy the fading last days of summer and crisp autumn on its way.

Blessings and joy,

Your Friend,

Terri Marie

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