To Serve Or Not To Serve

by Terri Marie on February 28, 2015

Heart Wealth

An absolutely fantastic way to create even more abundance is to serve people.

Now serving people doesn’t always sound fun.

Maybe serving even sounds like a chore.

Perhaps you had to “serve” a little too much in your family or on your job.

The word “serve” has left you with some bad feelings.

Let’s change that now.

Once you put good feelings on serving, prosperity of all kinds beats its way to your door.

The key is that is not WHY you do it. You serve because you finally “get it”.

The serving light bulb goes off in your head.

You know that serving is your very nature, purpose, essence and core.

At that point serving feels wonderful to do. And THAT is why you do it.

Here are some examples of serving that can feel good.

  1. What do you love to do?

    Who would benefit by you teaching them a little of what you know?

    If you love to play tennis could you volunteer at a local community center to teach teens a few of your best tennis moves?

    If you love to sew could you make a dress for an elderly woman who is shut in?

    There are countless ways to serve with joy. AND…

  2. You can charge for your service.

    You don’t need to give your service away unless that makes you feel good.

    If you have a skill fixing automobiles you can certainly charge for doing this.

    You are providing a great service that many people will be delighted to pay you for.

    Everyone wants a good auto mechanic.

    Your bank account can greatly prosper by you being willing to serve.

  3. Listen.

    If you listen to two things you will find many ways to serve.

    • One is to listen to your own heart.

      In what way does your heart want to serve?

      You will get little insights about possible things you could do.

      If those insights excite you, check them out a little further.

    • Another way is to pay attention around you.

      Listen to what people are saying.

      Also listen to what your friends or family AREN’T saying.

      You can pick up little hints of what they might really love but would want to never ask you for.

Once I was at a dear friend’s home at the very start of our friendship. She mentioned an event that she thought I would really love because she thought it was so great and inspiring. Underneath her advice, I also sensed that maybe this friend also wanted to attend the event. So I asked her. She was thrilled to go along. It was the start of one of the best and most rewarding friendships of my life. Her name was Dottie Walters.

There are so many ways to serve and feel good. Let your mind wander to some creative ways that you can use your talents. You can bring your hobbies and passions out to provide service to help others. You feel good. They feel good.

It’s win/win. You’ve just bumped up against true abundance.

Your Abundance Affirmation:

“I easily see new ways to serve and benefit the world.”

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