Walking Into a Dream

by Terri Marie on June 3, 2012

How do you walk with faith into your dream?

At the beach I watched a tiny young child . She had her eyes shut as she walked between the row of palms and the railroad tracks. She was probably three years old but she walked confidently. Her hand was held by the hand of her mother. The child knew that her mother would never lead her into danger. Like that mother, our dreams take us by the hand and lead us. It may seem like we are blindfolded. We may not know where we are headed with the dream. We may walk next to what seems like a new and dangerous element. Do you get scared and let go of the hand of your dream and run away from it?

Dreams are gifts. Our Creator would never let go of our hand.

Sometime WE let go, when we fear the rumbling on the tracks of life.

What can you do to strengthen your faith as you walk with your dream, right on track?

  • Keep going forward.
  • Keep taking steps in the direction of your dream. (Sometimes, you bet, it feels scary.)
  • Take one step at a time
  • Trust that the dream itself knows the best timing for you to arrive at your destination.
  • Relax. There is no need to stress as you walk.
  • Enjoy the journey. Feel the warm comfort of faith.

If you find your dream stopping for awhile, trust that there is a reason. You might be waiting for the train to pass.

Trust that the hand of faith is taking you on the best route for the safety and well being of your dream.

You are right on track my friend!

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