Walking into Destiny

by Terri Marie on February 13, 2015

Sometimes life flows. Sometimes it crashes. When the crashing and the blasting and sledgehammers of life come your way, what can you do?

I’ve been blessed by some amazing times of flow lately. Where grace enfolds me like a warm blanket. Who knows exactly why grace occurs? I do think you can put yourself in a place that is more receptive to any grace the universe/God may throw your way. Actually grace doesn’t appear to be thrown. It is almost like something you step into when you are walking or something that flows into your whole being when you are still.

This past year or so was a pretty challenging one to go through. Now that we are into 2015, it seems like I have entered a state of great flow. Lots of opportunities, more than I can possibly do, keep being offered to me like an angel serving hors d’oeuvres at the party of life.

My spirit has been filled with a great happiness most days and if not, I go onto the next day and it’s back. But the most fabulous thing has been the unexpected moments of sheer sweet grace. I never know where or when it’s going to happen, but I am always grateful and awed when it does.

Words can’t describe this kind of feeling. Let me try and get as close as I can.
As I walk along the water, I step into a new feeling. It always feels completely fresh. It’s a definite shift of energy — as if the whole world changes. It brightens up. Everything around me is more colorful, highlighted and magical. It appears as if I am moving in slow motion. I feel stunningly alive. It’s a oneness and a connection with everything. I’m very well aware I’m in it. If I try to inject anything into this moment it fades like a quickly dissolving rainbow. But if I just notice and allow the unfolding, it seems to last longer.

I’ve been really happy lately too. It took me most of my life to get there. So maybe this is a partial cause but I don’t think so because I have had moments of grace while in the deepest part of the darkest nights of my soul.

While I cannot give you grace I can offer what I think might help you achieve it. Nothing on earth feels like it. It is transcendent moments of “beingness.”

Boat Destiny

Walking into destiny.


A rare kind of light was glimmering this day. Hopefully the pic captures some of it.

Moments of Grace

  1. Distraction;

    Distract or calm the mind by either appreciating everything and I mean everything, every second, realizing the absolute perfection of life. Distracting ourselves in nature is probably one of the easiest ways to invite grace to come along. I belive grace likes to take a walk in the woods.

  2. Loss of Self;

    Lose yourself in the world. By being completely unconcerned with your own self and totally focused on the Universe that is dancing around you, i think you have a greater chance of slipping into grace. It’s probably a loss of ego at that particular moment that allows a lightness to shine through onto the world around you so you can experience how magical it is.

  3. Your Purpose;

    I really think that as you get closer to realizing and living your purpose and destiny, moments of grace either become more frequent, or you can actually finally start to notice them. Grace is that slowing down of time, perhaps even going outside of time to be in a pool of the divine. The rejuvenation and reconnection to your spirit and soul is breathtaking. There is a great feeling of expansion. As you step into your bigger destiny, life meets you with a blast of spiritual energy that you can actually feel. You will also notice more things opening up to you with each action you take to live that purpose. And I believe you can also choose your purpose on the fly, for example you can decide today to help create a new form of medicine, or make a piece of software that will make peoples lives simpler — grace will follow you and eventually start to flow into you to help you achieve that purpose.

Grace is a spiritual partner that walks with us once we get on the path to somewhere important, even if that somewhere important for that day is just getting out and refreshing our body in nature.

Grace is the love of the entire universe showered on you and around you. Grace is God holding your hand and showing you how beautiful the world is through your own eyes.

This Valentines Day my deepest wish for you is to experience a moment of pure grace. One moment that will stay with you a lifetime.

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