What Happened to Class?

by Terri Marie on January 30, 2015

What Happened to Class?

I grew up in the 1960’s, a time of great change, switching from the stagnancy of the “perfect” life of the 50’s, and the world turmoil of the 40’s, to the different parts of the world trying to blend together in the turbulent and exciting 60’s. But it was also a time of class. Stewardesses were classy. Airline travel was classy. Women still wore gloves and hats to church in my little midwestern town. Movies stars were classy, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jackie-O, — the epitome of class. And of course — the Beatles!

“Classy” was a term to describe the elegance we saw in the outer world. While I in no way want to go back to the 60’s, something was lost in the transition to the 2000’s and beyond. Class was lost. Class between cultures or economic status is not what I’m talking about. It’s the class that means we care about how we look and present ourselves to others.

  • More Bodies have gotten sloppy.

  • More Clothes have gotten sloppy.

  • More Manners have gotten sloppy.

I think this is a sign of disrespect, Disrespect to ourselves, especially.

I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for my opinion here but when I go into the public world, I respect others spaces. I expect others to respect mine. That happens less.

  • On noise. People who play noisy video games invade “sound spaces” of others.

  • On coughing. People cough everywhere, mouth uncovered. There are so many good things to share besides germs. How about a smile?

  • On time. Being on time used to be classy. Many events, even classes I have attended, now regularly allow tardiness. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but there are phones and texting handy to just about everyone, which reminds me…

  • On phones. People use phones at completely inappropriate times – in the bathroom. Who wants to use the bathroom while it’s being broadcast on the airwaves? Yet… many people don’t call to say they will be late or worse not be able to make it at all.

The opposite of class is rudeness. I know most of you reading this are great people. You care about others. You want to make a difference. You work to improve yourself and the lives around you. You are the upper crust of humanity because you do care.

What do I want more of? I believe it boils down to “respect.” You probably have respect in your life. Maybe even class. When someone doesn’t respect you, when you are faced with rudeness, not class, what can you do?

  1. Demanding respect rarely gets it. Respect is more like the elusive butterfly that sits on your shoulder when you stop chasing it. So give up the ghost. Do not tell, or insist on respect. Ask to be treated respectfully if need be and give up the results. People may or may not listen. Demand is pretty close to “command” and that is definitely not classy.

    * On a plane I was recently on, a little boy had a fun laser colored light gun he was playing with. (How even a toy gun got through security, who knows?) After a short while he got bored shooting his family and turned the disco-light show on me. It hurt my eyes and I immediately said, “Please don’t do that.” I think both he and his mother were so surprised that I said something that he stopped right away. Relief!

  2. Leave. Alright I couldn’t just walk off the plane if someone on it didn’t respect me, but maybe I could ask to sit in a different seat, ask the stewardess for help or put a coat over my face. But in most instances, you can leave. You can leave a relationship that has lost its class. You can easily tell when respect in the relationship is gone and when respect leaves… you leave. Your highest self is always respected by those who see with love.

  3. Look inward. Turn on an inner flashlight and see where you are not respecting yourself. What are you allowing in your life? How are you being treated that is disrespectful? What is just not classy? When you are not being respected, look at your thoughts. Look at what happened and what you were thinking right before the “disrespectful act.” Sometimes you were already playing out the scene as if the disrespect happened. i.e. “I sure hope that (person) doesn’t spill his drink on me.” What are you focused on? Spilling the drink right? Guess what has a higher chance of happening especially when you are raising your consciousness? You will manifest quicker. These are just lessons to get you to see how you create. Look inward and see the thoughts that are around the event. They will lead you to inner gold because once you understand them you can release them. You are respecting yourself greatly when you do this inner work.

I’m not going to stop respecting others just because they aren’t there yet, but I wish they would “class up” and start putting “respect” back into their lives. The world might just be a bit happier. And certainly classier.

Respectfully yours,

Terri Marie

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