You Can Be Epic!

by Terri Marie on June 3, 2014

“We are put here on this earth to find out who we are and then to be it.
– Terri Marie

Have you found the heart and soul of your life message yet?

If you read a story over and over even, if it is a good story, most of us get pretty bored and feel something big is missing.. That’s how your life gets when you are living from old stories, instead of living epically. Especially if that’s a story you read when you were a child. Now that you are an adult, you need a story that can bring out the richness in life and create the life the deeper part of you longs to experience. Your small story has no reference point for the bigger you, even when it calls so strong to you.

Your life is small when you live by the same story daily.

Pretty soon you long for something new. You are going to want a different story. When you live epically, your life story grows and expands. It gets more exciting and alive. When you live epically, you make your best story come to life in the world.

So how do you bring a bigger story for your life? How do you live epically?

  1. You let your heart write it. Look to your heart. Your heart and deep soul knows what you truly desire. It has to. That’s where your desires come from. That’s where the call comes from. The heart knows. And your heart can write a new epic story when you let your heart do it. Trust your heart’s intelligence.

  2. Release fear. If you let go of fear around your new desires, the ones that continually call to you, your heart will speak, write, feel, or somehow communicate to you, what it is that you really want most of all. All you have to do is accept that – give it credence and validity. The subconscious can then get to work on it. You don’t have to.

  3. Based on what your heart tells you, you will have to take action. All good stories have action, but only act when you “feel” guided by your heart. There is a special way your heart can communicate with you. Maybe you hear something – “Go call this person”. Maybe you “see” in your mind to do something. Maybe you get pulled up by a thought. Those are the ways your epic story is telling you how to write the next chapter of your life.

Life is a never ending story.

By the way life is a never-ending story. It just gets better and better when you learn how to recognize the signals from your heart and spirit. Your business has a heart. Your very life has a heart. The heart of your life is incredibly big and story-full. Your epic story is perfectly right for you, so right that you will be brought to your knees in gratitude when you fully see and feel your epic life story unfold. Epic lives continually expand more beautifully and richly because they are fed by the divine part of you. And that is endless.

Instead of having a story that worked for a short while in your life, when you were small, you can now have a story that you as a whole and fulfilled human can be proud and joyful to live. Your life can be epic. It was always designed that way.

Epics don’t end. Your story won’t get boring. It can’t. It’s not designed that way. It’s not set up that way. You will always have new challenges to overcome – but they will be spicy, not something that freezes you with fear. There will be adventures with people that are incredibly exciting to be with, or incredibly supportive to you. There will be places you long to go. There will be situations for you to figure out and solve so you can help save a group that only you can save from some dilemma, because you have traveled that life road. You hold the power the epicness in you.

What is your epicness?

If you would like to book either a strategy session to discover a way to live your life more epically or if you are tired of living small, know you’re destined for more and ready to get on with it then dive right into a full day which is filmed please contact me at

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Manoranjan July 24, 2014 at 4:50 am

I am encouraged by your article on Epic life.Does it mean that we all can fulfil our goal in this life and also lead an epic life.
Life is too short to remain undecided and I am happy that I read this blog.
thanks and Congratulation for writing such inspiring blogs.
yours Sincerely
Manoranjan Chowhan


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